Communication between tower and ground controller


I just finished a session as tower controller at LAX.
I had to surrender after five minutes 'cause the ground controller lead all outbound flights to the wrong ends of the runways.
As in real life and to simplify things for the inbound flights (which came almost all from the east), I was using the 24s and the 25s, so I instructed the outbound flights to back taxi. Obviously they didn’t follow instructions -.-
Completely chaos thanks to the ground controller.
Wouldn’t it be helpful if even on the Playgroung server the ATCs were able to write a short ATIS, so all controllers at an airport (especially those with lots of frequencies) know what to do?


I suppose that helps, but you have to find a controller who is nice or who cares about the problem. The few serious people want it done right, but those who just want to boss planes around for the fun of it will do their thing however they can do it and won’t care about any requests for them to change their ways. May work for the advanced server.

Best, Boeing707


This comment explains a lotta things. I gotta ask. Why on earth did “they” build an ATC system without the ability to communicate between nodes. Must be an oversight on the build out of this complex programming marvel. Seems like a tweek and a fix on the next update is required. Just Sayin… Max Sends


@Maxmustang for this problem just Color code aircraft Color code frequency, so everyone can see who’s controlling who, @Boeing707 I got just been vector to final by approach, he took me to place he won’t remember then he disappeared 😆😆😆😆 he had no clue


It’s not like ATC has been around forever -.-
I’m sure there will be improvements.


I was controlling at KSAN a few days ago, the whole time I was controlling, departures and arrivals were on runway 27, but ground sent all departures to runway 09, but when I told them to backtrack and exit at the next exit, the pilots listened and taxied to runway 27, but the ground controller kept asking the to return to their frequency, a friend of mine told me that the ground controller was doing this.