Communication between Pilots

Hey guys. I’m new here and on my way to Grade 3. I’m not sure about how realistic that would be but it would be very nice to communicate with other pilots through an in-game freq. That would need some more misc. messages also. What do you think about that? If the most of you are against it, pls let me know how you are communicating while flying.

PS: I wasn’t able to post this in the featured section.


This is not really needed in IF tbh, you can always communicate on diffrent devices. This will also probably be a spam channel where you get called every 5 sec 😂. Not even talking about controlled airspaces/which messages which would be set. This feature is in my opinion unnecessary but feel free to prove me wrong as most pilots dont really need to communicate.


Also, the reason you can’t post this in the Features tab is because you aren’t trust lvl. 2.

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As mentioned by @MatsVerhoelst you are unable to post in Features because of your trust level.

However, not to worry. There are already feature requests for this. I have linked them below.



Thank you! It was just an Idea only to communicate with one other pilot on an add. freq. and only in a radius of 50-100nm.

Especially in the case if there is no center and some people are not changing the course or altitude.

And good to know about Trust Lvl. 2 👍🏼

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Do check out the Guide to the Community amongst other categories. Welcome to the community as well!