Communicating with Display Names


I noticed that saying your intentions with your Display Name is a simple way to communicate with other IF pilots. If you are organizing an event, handing out display names would be a great way to provide direction (I.e. “Flight Lead”, “Element Lead”, “Wingman #”, “Photog”).

I spent my time last week on IF flying under the display name “practicing formation”, and I had several pilots join up for impromptu formation flights. Hopefully I didn’t upset anyone by joining their flight, or annoy ATC by loitering over SoCal’s airspace. In the future, if I see you flying around with with a welcoming display name, I’ll jump into an appropriate plane and join up.

Thanks to all the pilots that were helping me practice!! Below is a screenshot of the closest we came to a 4 ship formation all week. It still needs to be tightened up, but those F-14s looked great leading the way!


Awesome that’s what I’ve been going for what GMT are you in and what server and map. I like Chicago for it’s sear size.


@Louis_Cochran, I was flying at about 12:00am GMT in the SoCal region. Unfortunately for this to work, you have to go where the pilots are. SoCal always has about 50 pilots on the playground.

I jokingly call this fishing. I would go out over the Pacific Ocean inbetween San Diego and San Clemente, head slightly north, and then fly slow circles at about 400kts/FL130. Usually when I watch the map, I can see when a fighter turns with intentions to intercept. Once they got close and saw my display name, I would hold steady and wait to see if they bite 😜


It is an interesting use of the Display Name feature but we have other plans to facilitate pilots getting together (posting in the Event category before going on a flight is a first step).
While your use is harmless at the moment, if everybody does this it will quickly become a mess and I am sure ppl will start using it for offensive stuff.

Display Name shouldn’t be used for anything other than your name (or alias).


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My apologies, I posted this trick under the assumption that people using this forum as a supplement to the IF sim are more mature and serious flyers than the clowns who are out looking for trouble. You guys are right, that offensive garbage has no place in IF!

I’m glad to hear that you guys are working on some sort of comm link for pilot to pilot. That’s exciting! Thanks


… and then there is the opposite side of the spectrum! I’m not sure how I feel about this 😳 kind of warm, kind of fuzzy.

Haha, this guy…