Commonwealth Games Event - Time Trials @ WIDD - 281400ZJUN16

Server: Free Flight

Region: Singapore

Airport: WIDD

Date: June 28th

Time: 1400Z

Aircraft: Airbus A321 at normal weight.

NOTAM: Arrive at your assigned gate at WIDD. You will be timed from the second your wheels lift off in WIDD until you touch down in WSSS. Takeoff is from 22 and landing is at 02C. Approach to WSSS will start at waypoint ICW97 You must use flaps for landing.

Teams, please state who is coming so I can assign a gate and list of who is going first.

Viewer NOTAM: Sit and watch at any gate that has not been assigned to a competitor. You can use any gate at WSSS.

Gate 3A - @turkish534
Gate 4 - @_keithjames99
Gate 4A - @Huw
Gate 5 - @SaV
Gate 5A - @Thunder
Gate 6 - @DiamondFlight1011

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Im able to attend. I just have no other members than me. :(

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🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Team UK

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What aircraft will we use and when will we know our assigned gates?

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#Update: Airport change to WIDD more detailed NOTAM and aircraft requirements.


What about the weight? Light, Medium or Heavy?

Ah, yes. That will be fixed.

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Should spectators have a certain aircraft and certain callsign?

What’s the U.K. Time?

2pm. Zulu time is the same as UK

I will join, Are there gate assignments?

Dude this is really bad timing Jesus 28th that’s a TUESDAY At 2PM I WILL STILL BE AT SCHOOL!!! They need to change the dates because this is just unfair (Team uk) @tranquil_skyflyer

Yes. What team are you part of?

Team Canada! WOOO

Sorry for ya. Just went on my school holiday last Friday.

Please I am begging you change the date

Will we use the right livery to represent our country? And will we have a callsign to represent our country (e.g. UK001)

I can’t. I didn’t manage the event

Sorry just pretend I aimed that at the guy who made it