Commonwealth Games Event - Landing Competition - Finals @ TAPA - 302200ZJUN16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TAPA & TKPK

Aircraft: TBD

Time: 2200Z

Date: June 30

NOTAM: All competitors will takeoff from TKPK and then fly to TAPA and make for Runway 07 where they will be controlled by me.
Teams; please tell me who is competing so I can make an order.

Viewer NOTAM: None, just don’t interfere.

Everyone, don’t forget to join our discord!


Vote for Aircraft

  • 346
  • 77F/77L
  • 77W
  • 748
  • 388
  • 333

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The dates are different

What 777 (773ER? ) and what Time ??

You will be judged on Centreline, Flare, Smoothness, & Control.

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