Common Violations

This is in regards to the Training Server.

I get a good number of violations, I think I’ve figured out why.

Taxing: I tend to talk to ground and ATC a-lot when I am taxing. It saves lots of time, however, this causes my lack of attention to my ground speed and it may go over and cause a violation or two.

Flying: Again I talk to Departure, Approach/Tower, etc. Far sooner than I should just to save time and prevent mistakes, usually, I am very good at this. Although? Sometimes when descending to landing altitudes my speed will exceed 260 kts causing yet again more violations.

Now I know what you’re thinking, they’re just violations right? I thought these until my grade got bumped from my beloved Grade 2 (which took like five hours of Cessna 172 landings) to Grade 1 forcing me into the Casual Servers or operating as ATC. The moral of the story is, pay attention to warnings. Because they can take away things that may matter most, I am currently 6/5 violations from Grade 2. So, it’s not a big deal. Let me know what you think and your worst encounters in IF.


Hi there, here’s the list of Violations. You were most likely exceeding the speed limits under 10k.


I’ve seen some F18s, go over 1000 kts though. Hm.

Were they in a controlled airspace? If so they did recive violations. If not, they did not since fighters do not have speed limits.


I was ATC they were about 1000ish ft going 1071 kts, in my airspace. Lol, I’ve seen stranger things in Casual servers though.

There is no speed limit for fighters but on expert server you will get ghosted if you do not slow down in controlled airspace.

Oof, I always gave them a departure speed a 340 lol. Oops, anyway I’m on casual doing a long haul flight from KLAX to KATL. My stats say 6/5 violations in the past 24 hrs, it used to be 8/5 so I’m getting somewhere.

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