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How do I use FLC? I know it’s the climbing version of VNAV.


Hey! Currently the climbing aspect of VNAV is non existent within the app at this time. Only the descending function is existing right now. Hope you understand!

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why did someone say there is a FLC?

I do not know unfortunately but I do know the climbing part of VNAV is not yet in the app and nothing about the subject of it has been discussed in recent news.

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Where did they say that?

In Flight Assistant (IFA) is an app made for IF and that offers the possibility to have stepclimb handled for you (I believe this option works for Apple devices only though).
It works well and I recommend it if having your plane stepclimb on its own is what you’re looking to achieve.

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I think they were talking about this topic

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That’s what I thought - thanks though.

IFA is, to my knowledge, the only solution to automate flight level / altitude change.
Since I’ve been using that app for a few years and it does the job very decently, I thought I’d recommend it :)

The original user (person that posted this) was suspended

Suspended until when?

This may be a dumb question, but I always confuse right and left base, crosswind, etc with each other. How do I differentiate?

This diagram might help you out:



An easy way to determine the direction of the pattern is what direction you’re turning. If it’s all left turns for all legs, it’s a left pattern. If it’s all right turns for all legs it’s a right pattern.

In the above diagram, it’s a left-hand (standard) traffic pattern for Runway 09.

Ok, thanks. That’s what I thought but I started to question myself.

Yeah for trolling

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