Common mistakes by pilots

Greetings for everyone…

I realized some users including me sometimes complain about the ATC for ghosting for an action we did not commit. Maybe that’s what we think…

So I would love for the ATC to mention the most common mistakes they see that piolts are not aware of. I think this will help me and help others to increase the awareness of the correct procedure.

I hope this topic is helpful.

Thanks in advance for the replies :)

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In my opinion one made the most is a double frequency change and this


I think you would find this tutorial to be helpful, it has the most common reasons we send send the “CHP” (“check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions”) command:


If there is any one member of this community and IFATC that could provide such information, it would be Tim B. A search through his activity would likely yield a plethora of examples due to his experience and his unabashed ability to articulate and identify exactly what flaws may exist, and also provide knowledge to remedy virtually all common mistakes made by new pilots. Good job Tim.


Check this link! Tons of great information.


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Thank you all. This is really helpful 👍


I’m glad you are looking to improve! Its good to see pilots trying their best to become better, especially with Expert Server etiquette!

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