Common Mistake: How to fix them for pilots

I do see this mistake a lot when controlling airports on the expert server.

Common Mistake If you are cleared by a approach controller GPS/ILS/Visual don’t call inbound for landing as this is wrong.

Solution You call inbound the approach you were given if you requested radar vectors or flight following and it was approved you can call inbound for landing once you get handed off to tower.

Example: Approach controller: Cleared visual approach runway xx.

Pilot: Cleared visual approach runway xx.

Approach controller hands you off to tower.

Common Mistake: Los Angeles Tower, callsign is xx miles to the west, inbound for landing.

Solution Los Angeles Tower, callsign is xx miles to the west, inbound for the visual runway xx.

This tutorial was inspired by @Shane’s topic right here. Common Mistakes: How to Fix Them!

I hope this helps you understand better and it is in the user guide!


I appreciate the effort, but don’t we have an ATC communication guide in the Infinite Flight User Guide? Seems pretty much verbatim, to be completely honest, and a reminder only does so much.

I also don’t think it’s a huge issue on the ATC side of things, if someone calls in wrong, just take a look at their flight progress strip or ATC communication log and give them the necessary commands. Simple as that.

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I’m just trying to help.

I love this idea! Though I believe it’s probably a lot more suited to a #ground-school:community-tutorials type of topic. Maybe you could create one!

I’ll agree with Thunderbolt here - we do have a guide for a reason, and I’m pretty certain that this issue has been covered within it.

I appreciate the effort, and your hard work!


Thank you so much!

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You would be correct, the section it is in is linked below.


Well there you are then! 🛩️

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In an effort to keep the forum tidy, lets help one another and redirect folks who may need assistance to the perspective links as found within the user guide. Thanks!