Common issue with pilots

When im ATC in the training server something common I experience is when a pilot requests a certain runway and they don’t get it. So what they do is tune of out frequency half hazardly taxi to the runway and take off without permission.
Ive even seen grade 3 do this. Can you please stop? Your disrupting traffit flow. Not to mention this is the equivalent of laying on the ground and screaming in the grocery store because mom won’t let you get a candy bar.


We all feel your frustration man. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about it. The best thing to do is become a grade 3 and join the expert server. You might find yourself ghosted if you do what you described 👻


It’s the training server… They’re not going to be perfect! If you want perfection join IFATC.


I know that there are many pilots who can be a nuisance at times or sometimes all the time on the training server, but it is the “training server” and sadly nothing can be done.


I’m dying laughing!!! 😂 It’s so true though.


I’d highly suggest opening low traffic airports as inexperienced pilots and trolls tend to visit these areas less. KLAX, EGLL? You’re in for a whammy.

Of course, it still is the training server so there’s never a 100% guarantee that you won’t get any bad apples, but lower traffic areas will definitely give you a chance to learn and make some quality ops. Good luck!


combine that with opening an “ATC TRACKING” thread here on the IFC and you will more likely get some pilots who attend who are more seriious in delaing with ATC. I rarely fly on the TS however when do I give the ATC the benefit of the doubt and follow their intructions (when sensible and not trying to get my to fly into a moutain…) we all have to learn somewhere!

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But it is training server…

Unfortunately it is training server…

Yes but it is TS…

Oh right but it is TS…

Hmm TS…

Guys please don’t write it 1.000.000 times. He knows it is TS… And please don’t write “You have nothing to do” 500.000 times. If admins and devs really care TS, they can do everything to prevent it. Solution is always possible. We need willing.

Casual is to understand the game and yes trolls and newbies should be free at CS.

TS is to understand ATC instructions. Atcs can be amateur and sometimes you can ignore them, foe example if an Atc says do not exceed 120 knots to a B777, yes ignore it!

But people should care normal orders of Atc. Solutions are possible but no one wants to find a solution.


What are your suggestions as solutions?

Personally I would suggest that to be ATC on TS you have to have be at least a G3 pilot for say min 2 weeks. It would not guarantee but would help that the ATC would have a little more experience and knowledge of ops.

Another option would be that you would also have to be a member of the IFC and be a TL2 or higher ( so that your account is linked) in order to log on as ATC


One of my recommendations is:

Thank you!

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Keep in mind. When flying in the training server, the report button will be your bestfriend

It doesn’t work those report buttons are onl there for mods and atcs they don’t work for other people

If there’s an additional button that says “Attention all aircrafts, airport is busy expect trolls and dont mind them” jk…😂✌🏻


In a world of peace.

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