(COMMON BUG) A321/B744 rocking severely even with light turbulence and slight rudder movement

TEST 1: DE3926, Transatlantic flight from EBBR-KBOS. The A321 sways several times even with light turbulence. Thought it was the severe turbulence due to Storm Isha. A321 rocks at FL350 even with the wind of 296 @ 38 knots, something that would have been treated impossible due to severe turbulence due SIGMET. Rolling slows down at FL310, even with windspeeds of 70+ knots. Below MLW.

TEST 2: QF29, 1:43 flight from RPLL-VHHX. The aircraft rocks even with the lightest turbulence.

TEST 3: Random solo flight with an A321. 0 knots of windspeed. Overreacting to rudder movement. FL350.

Device: Oppo Reno 13
Operating system: Android 13.1

The A321 in Infinite Flight is known to exhibit this sort of rocking behaviour when its too high for its weight.


the issue may have been in the physics of the aircraft rather than the weight distribution.

The A321 rocking is a known issue. I was doing a flight from London to Boston on a JetBlue A321 and at one point autopilot went off as the plane went absolutely berserker and I dropped a good 4000 ft. Climbed 2000 ft from where I recovered from my USAir Flight 427 ordeal, and it was fine (probably because, like Benny mentioned, the plane was probably too high).

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