Common and Rare Sights - Event Highlights

The event has just ended successfully, and I have to say, it was great fun! Not only controlling with my friends, but also watching my home airport being busy. Here’re some event highlight shots, and I look forward to seeing you in my future events!

Taxiing, taking off, and landing

Busy turnarounds

The new satellite hall is attracting all the arrivals!

Short final

And a rare sight: Egyptair B77W bound for Cairo!

Huge shoutout to @Korgast and @JeffreyTian for the excellent radar service! The event wouldn’t be a success without you.

The treasure hunt answer: There’s a group of carts shaped in Shenzhen Airport logo at the very end of South Apron!

That marks the end of this topic and this event! Thanks everyone who attended and stopped by during the 4 hours!🎉