MacGyver is ready to issue some serious vectors on the training server…all I can say is…”Disregard flight plan, please follow ATC instructions…


I don’t understand, are you going to be ATC at an airport to practice in? Is it for pattern work?

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I am committed to providing a great experience for folks on the training server. Using the pencil provides very accurate vectors instead of my large thumbs…

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Well, If you’re going to practice ATC, It’s best to not go to LAX or any similar airport. Try another airport and post your ATC thread here to attract people to fly there.

Also, that’s nice, never heard that an Apple Pencil can be used in Infinite Flight

It’s actually very useful for Expert Approach Controllers. Most use it


Yeah you are right about approach at LAX. It can be challenging as many don’t listen. The pencil with the iPad Pro works really well and I find the vectors are much more precise.

I hope to get to that level some day.

Is that a custom apple pen? It’s really nice ;)

It’s the new one. I had to get it because I gave my old pro to my wife and got the new one. The old pencil is not compatible with the new pro.

Is that Apple Pencil engraved??

You know it…#commitment. Guess I can never change my IFC username!!

Nice! How much extra is the engraving?

It’s free actually.

That’s very cool. If I ever find myself with an iPad Pro of my own I’ll pick one up. Best of luck to you controlling!

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