Commercial Jet Formation Flying @ YSSY - 291400ZJUN16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: This event is being hosted by @Thunder. If you have any questions, ask him, not me. This event, tommorow, we will be starting in Sydney for some formation flying in any Commercial aircraft.

Start at YSSY head northwest to DONIC fly southwest to ABASS, break off and all land back to YSSY or wherever you wish.

From DONIC TO ABASS is where we’d like everybody to form, flying 100ft ASL AT be at 200kts so people can catch up and easily form with everyone else, preferably a V formation. And fly all the way to ABASS for max screenshots.

C@_keithjames99 Thanks dude!

Okay here is the plan:
Departure airport: YSSY at 1410Z
Starting off GATE 1- 08 (so pick a number in GATE1 series)

#####---------> <---------#####

OBJECTIVE: GREAT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY - V formation at 100ft ASL from DONIC TO ABASS at 200kts,

I will be flight lead and you can follow me off YSSY head Northwest to MARTO
will be climbing to 500Ft at a speed of 250kts. make a right turn to DONIC and track the line down to ABASS. Once set up on the DONIC-ABASS Track; formation speed will be 200kts and decent to 100ft.
That is a long track so it should give everyone a chance to catch up and enter the formation.

Once at ABASS we break formation and head back to airport,

I will break off left maintain 200kts climb to 1000ft and line up for a long final for 34L at YSSY, if any of you are willing at this point and if we are able to make a formation again, we shall make a low pass over 34L at 200ft, 200kts.

I suggest moving the date. If you want alot of participants, you should ask 2 Weeks in advance…


Tips on using autopilot VS, when I fly big jets low. I usually set my VS to ZERO when at 500-1000 ft and then set the ALT at 100. This will prevent the system from jerking the plane up and down, then I’ll control the aircraft descent to 100ft using between -200 and -100 on the vertical speed.

I’d definitely want to do it tomorrow and 2 weeks from now too! I just don’t have abilities to make any events. I’ll be sure to have someone (@_keithjames99) help me create a similar one in the future :)

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20mins before we taxi out

Thanks to all who showed up!
Special thanks to CONN218 for thr ATC.
Share all your pics!

Will you share the sacreenshots you have taken?

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I am uploading them soon! :)

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Where are you gonna upload them?

Cool event thanks for holding it.

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Thanks @Campbell_Davies

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