Commercial/IFR Rated

Hello all,
I am just about to take the FAA commercial license check ride. I hold my PPL and IFR, was wondering if there is a way to help out with ATC on expert server have 130 hours in a 172 in real life and have 89 hours on IF with 362 ops on ATC.


Check out the recruitment process here. All requirements are listed in that post, but in summary, the requirements are as follows.


  • Trust Level 1 on the Community Forum in good standing
  • Atleast 14 years of age or as specified by Discord HERE for your country
  • Minimum stats to enter Expert Server (Grade 3)
  • Infinite Flight Account must be linked to IFC account in-app
  • All-time stats do not exceed 50% Level 1 Violation to landing ratio
  • Minimum of 500 ATC operations
  • At least 60 days since last Level 2 or 3 Violation
  • Valid email address
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Hi there, welcome to the community! Unfortunately, based on the information you listed, you do not meet the requirements to apply for IFATC (Expert Server ATC). Please see the attached link for further information regarding the requirements and how you would apply when the time comes.

I wish you all the best!


Good luck on your commercial test @555PG! You’ll do great.

Welcome to the community! Good luck on your commercial checkride, you can do it!

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