Commercial Flight Incident; Nobody Promised a Rose Garden, A week in the Life.

MaxSez: Just a glimpse at the routine. There where 2 Strike losses this week.
Saturday Apr 16th 2016
Incident Etihad A346 near Munich on Apr 16th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Accident Easyjet A319 near Toulouse on Apr 16th 2016, fumes in cabin
Friday Apr 15th 2016
Incident Kalstar AT72 at Banjarmasin on Apr 15th 2016, engine fire indication
Thursday Apr 14th 2016
Incident Atlasglobal A321 at Ercan on Apr 14th 2016, could not fully retract landing gear
Incident KLM A332 near Bahrain on Apr 14th 2016, lightning strike
Incident Laser MD81 at Porlamar on Apr 14th 2016, engine failure
Incident Endeavor CRJ9 near Charleston on Apr 14th 2016, bird strike cracks windshield
Incident SEAir A320 at Kalibo on Apr 14th 2016, burst tyre on landing
Incident Jet2 B738 at Newcastle on Apr 14th 2016, could not fully retract gear
Wednesday Apr 13th 2016
Incident Alaska B734 near Portland on Apr 13th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Tuesday Apr 12th 2016
Incident British Airways A320 near Venice on Apr 12th 2016, cabin smoke indication
Incident Eastern SB20 at London on Apr 12th 2016, thrust warning indication
Incident Egypt B738 near London on Apr 12th 2016, door problems
Incident Mahan A306 at Kerman on Apr 12th 2016, cabin pressure problems
Accident Thai B772 near Singapore on Apr 12th 2016, turbulence injures 6
Incident Saudia A333 near Cairo on Apr 12th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Stobart AT42 at Groningen on Apr 12th 2016, smoke in cabin
Incident Cathay B773 at Hong Kong on Apr 12th 2016, security alert, problem with inflight entertainment system
Monday Apr 11th 2016
Incident Orient Thai B733 at Nanning on Apr 11th 2016, dropped nose wheel
Incident American B738 at Santa Ana on Apr 11th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine problem
Incident Aeromexico Connect E170 at Guadalajara on Apr 11th 2016, unsafe gear
Incident Nepal DHC6 at Jumla on Apr 11th 2016, nose gear steering cable snapped
Incident PIA A313 at Karachi on Apr 11th 2016, could not retract flaps
Sunday Apr 10th 2016
Incident Southwest B733 near Wichita on Apr 10th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident UPS B744 at Cologne on Apr 10th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident Thai Lion B739 near Chiang Mai on Apr 10th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Saturday Apr 9th 2016
Incident Etihad B748 at Dhaka on Apr 9th 2016, rejected takeoff
Incident Mistral AT72 at Trapani on Apr 9th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident Canada A319 over Atlantic on Apr 9th 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident Thomas Cook A321 near Manchester on Apr 9th 2016, hydraulic problem
Incident KLM B739 near Manchester on Apr 9th 2016, cabin pressure problems
Friday Apr 8th 2016
Incident American B738 at New Orleans on Apr 8th 2016, bird strike
Incident Finnair AT72 near St. Petersburg on Apr 8th 2016, lightning strike
Incident Delta B764 at Atlanta on Apr 8th 2016, hydraulic problems
Incident Buddha AT72 near Biratnagar on Apr 8th 2016, engine problem
Thursday Apr 7th 2016
Incident SA Airlink RJ85 near Kimberley on Apr 7th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Incident Commutair DH8B at Washington on Apr 7th 2016, aileron mistrim indication
Incident Lufthansa Cityline CRJ9 at Sibiu on Apr 7th 2016, lightning strike results in cracked windshield
Incident Jet2 B733 at Leeds on Apr 7th 2016, flaps problem
Incident Yakutia B738 near Yakutsk on Apr 7th 2016, cargo smoke indication
Incident Srilankan A332 at Bangkok on Apr 7th 2016, smoke in cabin
Accident Arall DC3 at Puerto Gaitan on Apr 7th 2016, lost height after engine failure
Wednesday Apr 6th 2016
Incident Fedex MD11 at Toronto on Apr 6th 2016, runway incursion
Incident Carpatair F100 at Gallivare on Apr 6th 2016, overran runway on landing
Incident Cathay B748 near Osaka on Apr 6th 2016, engine problem
Incident Cathay A333 near Hong Kong on Apr 6th 2016, hydraulic problems
Tuesday Apr 5th 2016
Incident Qantas A388 over Australia on Apr 5th 2016, engine vibrations
Monday Apr 4th 2016
Incident Westjet Encore DH8D at Thunder Bay on Apr 4th 2016, flaps up landing
( Aviation Herald )


Yes! I saw this on Instagram! I was worried…

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I think you mean Kermanshah.

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Oh hell no. I have a flight this week and this isn’t making me confident it will go well lol

Same here bud. But I have two 😟

Same but mine is a connection so yeah I also have 2

MaxSez: Stuff Happens. Careful crossing the street, that’s more dangerous than flying commercial with a “reputable” carrier.

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