Commercial Aviation Nostalgia

I wanted to share a fascinating website I came across recently, It is a compendium of information and literature of commercial aviation from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and some 2000’s. Most of the info & records are for US based airlines and airports, but it does provide some historical flight schedules for major airports outside the US also. There are old published route maps, service schedules, terminal maps, and adverts. It would appeal to the senses of any avgeek, but for those of us over the age of about…30…we might start having flashbacks, like I did to my childhood. I did most of my worldwide traveling before the age of 18–over 20 years ago. Some examples:

I really liked this site as it provides some historical detail of some of the “legacy” airlines within IF. Several airlines in the DC-10, MD-11, 742 aircraft (among others) are defunct. I found some destinations and routes for Kendell Airlines (CRJ2), Avensa (MD-10), and the airlines, destinations, and equipment flown into and out of Kai Tak. This site provided some inspiration to recreate some of their routes properly. The only thing it seems to be missing is cargo freighter records, but that is probably harder to track.

If anyone else finds anything interesting or evocative on there, feel free to share.


Very interesting! 😊

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Absolutely love this site – what a hidden gem!

I’ve always been interested in doing older routes with the retro aircraft we have available in Infinite Flight. These are aircraft I rarely use because I could never find enough information to do real flights from the past with them.

I can finally do so now though. It contains flight numbers, the routes, the times of departure and arrival, and the aircraft used.

Thanks for sharing! Bookmarked for future reference. :)


It’s definitely going to be a bookmarked topic 😀😉😄

Spent a couple minutes looking up Concorde stuff. I have one of my votes on the Concorde feature request, so I was inspired to lookup data here about that.

I never heard of Braniff [International] Airways until I saw that they were operating Concorde service under BA and AF from DFW. Some of the flight timetables are found here. The flight from Dallas to WashDC shows only 10-25 minutes shorter than the regular 727 service. I’m wondering if the flight was deliberately done slower while over US land.

And no wonder it only lasted a year. The total travel time from Dallas to London (with the stop at Dulles) was 7:10 while the non-stop 747 service was only 2 hours longer, and the Concorde ticket price was the same as a 1st class seat on 747.

That’s cool, I might will have to take a look into that

Thanks for sharing. I just checked it out and it looks awesome!

I’m not old enough to know anything about commercial aviation before the 2000’s, so it’s amazing that people like me are able to see what aviation was like during those years!
Thanks for sharing this link with us, I’ll probably look back at it when I’m bored and need something good to read :)

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