Commercial Airports in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur region

What airports in Singapore serve commercial service? I know Changi and Kuala Lumpur do. (This is for an update to Asiana’s routes)

Use FlightAware to research it yourself. Alternatively, look up the website of each airport in the region, and research it yourself. Or, look up Asiana airlines website, and research it yourself.

KL isn’t part of Singapore… Changi is the only airport that serves commercially, but we do have routes from Singapore to KL.

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He’s on about IF, where Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are in the same region…

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Besides WMKK (Kuala Lumpur Sepang Airport) and WSSS (Singapore Changi Airport), There are also some several commercial airports, Such as WIDD (Batam Hang Nadim, Indonesia), WMKM (Malacca, Malaysia), WIBD (Dumai, Indonesia), WMKJ (Johor, Malaysia) and WMBT (Pulau Tioman, Malaysia). And also a former Commercial airport, WSAP (Paya Lebar, Singapore)

  • Paya Lebar (WSAP) did, But the airport was closed after the opening of the new Changi Airport in 1981
  • Batam Hang Nadim (WIDD) does, Batam airport serves destinations throughout Indonesian cities and serves an International Destination, Kuala Lumpur (Subang Airport)
  • Malacca Airport (WMKM) does, Though it’s only served by 3 airlines (Including one Charter service from China Southern) and only serves 3 cities (Pekanbaru (Indonesia), Penang (Malaysia), and Guangzhou (China, Seasonal))
  • Dumai Pinang Kampai (WIBD) does, It served some destinations in Sumatra and Jakarta
  • Pulau Tioman Airport (WMBT) does, Though it’s a small airport, It’s also a Commercial Airport too, Served by Berjaya Air to and from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Formerly, Tradewinds Airlines (The predecessor of the current SilkAir) also operated a route from Tioman to Singapore until it was stopped.
  • Johor’s Senai Airport (WMKJ), It’s one of AirAsia (AK)'s hub in Malaysia, and operates some routes in Malaysia and also to Vietnam, Indonesia, and China cities. It’s also operates Johor-Kuala Lumpur route

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