Commercial Aircraft - Airbus vs. Boeing

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Useful indeed! Thank you!

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How is it organized? Is it just a chart listing each variant or is there a methodology?

Good job, but some corrections:

  1. The Boeing 707-100, 707-200, and 707-300 are labeled as the: Boeing 707-120, Boeing 707-220, Boeing 707-320, and you’re missing the Boeing 707-420.

  2. The Boeing 720 is not the Boeing 707-220. Rather it is the Boeing 707-020 if you insist on using the 707 designation

  3. The “X” designation from 777-8X and 777-9X has been dropped to simply make it 777-8 and 777-9

  4. There is no Airbus A319-200

  5. A330-300 242T, A330-300X (That exists?) should be removed, replaced with A330 Regional

  6. Airbus A340-300X is called the Airbus A340-300E IIRC


  1. Since you seem to be going into detail with the others (737 winglet options, Boeing 777-200/ER/LR), here are some more suggestions:

Boeing 707 should be broken down into the following:

Boeing 707-120, Boeing 707-120B, Boeing 707-220, Boeing 707-320 (Intercontinental), Boeing 707-320B, Boeing 707-320C, Boeing 707-420

  1. Again, optional but other sub variants not listed above: 727-100C/QC/QF, 727-200F/Adv, Super 27, 737-200C/QC/Adv/F, 737-300QC/F, 737-700C, 737-800BCF, 737 MAX 200, 747-100F, 747-200M/C/F, 747-300M/F, 747-400F/M, 747-8F, 757-200M/PF/SF, 767-200F, 767-300F, 777F

  2. A319-200neo, A320-200neo, A321-200neo, can all be simplified down to A319neo, A320neo, A321neo

  3. Freighters: A300B2, A300B4, A300-600, and A300-600R have freighter versions. A310-200F/-300F, A330-200F


Yes, Cathay has a few A330-300Xs and Delta and SAS have the 242T one :)

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Alright I went out and did some research and I agree about the A330-300X

Sorry, I worded my sentence in a confusing way. I was questioning the existence of the A330-300X, not the A330-300 242t. My problem with the 242t is that it’s not a distinct variant. By that logic, then we’d have the A330-300 235t or the A330-200 238t. All the 242t part is a spec change, not a whole new variant. It is possible to list out the MTOWs but that would require the list to be expanded more

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  • Airbus Commerical aircraft
  • Boeing Commerical aircraft

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Commercial… Not Commerical lol

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No it’s 55/45 Airbus wins

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Don’t forget the 707-138. Exclusive to Quantas. Just a -120 w/ 6 fusulodge frames removed so I can fly farther.