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Hey guys I just wanted to bring up something I’ve been noticing on Laura’s(didint want to tag her)Instagram. When she is posting different things such as stuff she is visiting during the day or stuff in her personal life that is not related to IF try to keep it NOT related to IF. She more than likely has a personal life out of Infinite Flight and we should respect that by not spamming her with dumb things such as when she posts a picture of her walking somewhere and then somebody comments “A330 reworked+Gear tilt #makeitfree” this has nothing to do with what is in her picture she posted this will probably make it more unlikely to answer your request. As if you just came to the forum and requested it.
Next, whenever she does post about something IF related it makes no sense at all to keep saying “make it free” or spamming her saying "A350""A350""A350"“A350” or something dumb like that. Firstly, it is annoying and childish. Secondly, continuing to say “make it free” as she has previously explained why it will not be free. This will also probably make her hesitate to post and share her life with us because we don’t know how to change the subject when need be. But if you have any comments or disagree with me let me know. This is also my opinion Laura had nothing to do with it.


I think that to well spoken.


Lol I wrote that dumb comment once but it was ironic and #makeitfree too


It’s called a joke, firstly, and second, who cares about Insta comments


Even Laura has used #makeitfree


Why do you care? About 3 years ago Laura decided to make her instagram public. Knowing the fact that majority of IF users are kids, lack of maturity. Dont try and moderate the world wide web, no body has control over it.


This happens all the time, she is a developer so it’s obvious these things will happen. It’s like the CEO of Delta posting a Insta of something not related to the airline people will still comment about it, it’s just how it is

I didint say it was going to stop I just said we should tone it down. And we wonder why she doesn’t respond to the messages after we spam her with stupid things.

Wonderful insight on this post. It’s beyond immature to be spamming Laura’s instagram with IF related things if a post has nothing to do with IF. Think of it this way. You wouldn’t want someone to spam your social media accounts with unrelated things. For example you put up something about a family member dying but then you keep getting comments criticizing something about you.


Totally agree with you.

It obvious that she will get posts about IF but not dumb spamming.

Yes but that’s immature users unfortunately there have been many on this forum but they likely decide to go on other platforms to do the same thing, when it’s make it free comments I do agree it’s pointless and stupid

Yes I understand what your saying. It’s just the fact of bringing it to there attention may help the situation. May or may not it’s worth a try though.

Well done @XRodriguez7 for speaking out about this. It is just blatantly rude for people to be spamming about how they want a particular feature or how they don’t want to pay for it. Imagine how she will feel?

@FlyFi @Pilot8 I think you’d care if she gave in and made it private.


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It’s not the fact of using it its of spamming her with it as she has said that certain things may or may not be free.

No where on there did I say moderation Iam just suggesting we be a little more respectful when commenting on the information she shares with us because if she made her Instagram private how would your feel? You would more than likely come back to this topic and rethink your answer.

I have been using this sim for 4 years now, Laura was being spammed before she made her instagram and she still is being spammed right now. That being said, I was against her decision of her making her instagram public because of all junk you see on her posts.

I have been here long enough to know the type of people that are using this sim. She never had any sort of proper privacy and she still doesn’t.

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Yes I’ve been here a long time to. I understand that but it does not mean we can’t try to control it. Just cause there spamming and we’re not saying anything that is okay? maybe we can get some more responses and results out of her.

But dude? It’s social media, what do you expect? Plus, she’s a dev and knows that this will happen, so she has to deal with it, even though it’s rude, we can’t stop everyone, and else.
My opinion only.