Commentary Video from SFO-> LAX in a WOW Air A320

  1. This is my first commentary video playing IF. Please feel free to leave feedback here or on the YouTube video about my flying, or the video itself. I’ll definitely be making more content, I think it’s fun. So let me know what I can improve or aspects you thought was great.

  2. Day flight from SFO to LAX. Flying a Wow Air A320-200.
    Flight takes about an hour, but I speed up some of it. On the training server.


WOW Air did not fly SFO-LAX

I would miss seeing those iconic birds in the air

Video was great overall, but some feedback is don’t record the part where you are on the main screen. That is unnecessary content.

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I know, but I just wanted to fly in congested airspace, but also honor WOW Air.

Thanks for the feedback though!

Have I seen you on Training server before?

Maybe, I’m not sure

Callsign Northwest 9977?