Comment Disclaimers over Opinions/Speculations (Community Policing Issue)


With 20.1 looming over all our IF lives and the end of the speculative “spring” release time period ending, I have been noticing a lot of things about comments about the update and really any update or post.

It gets me irked when an IFC member is simply trying to voice his/her/their own opinion and have to constantly put in disclaimers on how “they were just pitching their two cents” or “this is all speculation” or “I hope I haven’t bothered anyone”. I have been noticing a harsher pushback from the IFC in general against opinionated posts, to the point where a mere opinion is gunned down with flags over a positive comment that may in the slightest bit be speculative. I understand that this is in leu of comments that are simply misleading or are actually very offensive, and I am not saying that those types of comments be permissible, but when someone is simply giving their opinion on something, like a livery or a drawing or a feature update, I think that no one should be worried about harsh criticism or pushback and they should certainly not be attaching these “disclaimers” at the end or beginning of the their posts.

We do not need to gun down posts with flags because it’s slightly speculative or opinionated!

Again, these are all observations I have been noting. Thanks for reading my post, and safe flying! 😄

This is contradictory to literally everything I’ve said above, but I am truly pitching in my two cents and noting down some observations. Please do not get mad, and I hope that if there is something that is unpleasant about this post, we can have a productive discussion to end it. Thanks for reading!


Good point. Agreed.


Very well said mate! 100% agree with you…


I 100% agree with you. I’ll probably get some backlash for this, but this is 100% my personal opinion. I think we should be able To speculate and stuff like that at least a little bit. We’re all looking forward to the update and hoping things will come out because that’s all we’ve got right now. It’s hard not to speculate when we’re given very minimal detail about what’s happening and when


Good point!

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You said it very well. Sometimes, I am afraid of posting my opinions because I am afraid of getting gunned down by flags.


Yes, I completely agree (especially with the drawings). The only posts that should be flagged are the ones that are 100% speculation based off of nothing that has been seen yet, and the ones that aren’t related to 20.1/clouds/777 rework.

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I do see alot of keyboard warriors and snowflakes on the IFC. Just an observation. Watch this get flagged and it will further prove my point that an opposing viewpoint is “offensive”.


I think my first post from two years ago actually got flagged. I think that my opinion was what was deemed “Offensive”.


100% agreed! It’s only a game people!

The problem is once we allow any of it where do we draw the line? I think it’s best we keep anything non concrete out of especially that thread. It’s already so crazy, and it’s hard if not impossible for the moderators to police all of it, so I think done well a little community work to get that done isn’t a bad thing. The problem really comes in when you have a dozen people just in one post. Best to just PM the user, no need to say it publicly, better yet just flag it. And before you do (PM or publicly) check to see if someone else said it, that applies everywhere, especially in #support seems like the better half of the posts are the same. The original post in that topic, and every change made to it by a moderator is clear, no speculation, and I don’t think anyone who appropriately enforces that (best way to do it is flag it, no fuss, no mess, just lets the moderators know) shouldn’t be in the wrong. I’m not saying any sort of crazy strict enforcement, but there are clearly written and accessible rules in that topic that need enforced on some level, and flagging it to let the moderators know is not bad. People should just avoid speculation all together.


The online “policing” of peoples speculation or opinions is not ok because policing speculation or opinions can never affect facts. Often my experience here of people providing factual information has always been a positive respectful experience however freedom to express an opinion if done in a respectful way should never been jumped on. That’s my opinion. Safe flying 👍

I just want to clarify some of the topics and ideas mentioned above in the OP:

  • It may seem that I am against any sort of IFC “policing”, but that is not true. I am all for IFC policing, but I think that there are designated people who’s job is exactly this. A little community effort is always appreciated, but my point is that there is a little too much that is too sensitive to anything speculative or opinionated

  • I am in no way endorsing any sort of offensive commentary or purely speculative posts whose sole purpose is to be offensive or spread misinformation. These should be heavily policed as they are right now.

Once again, thanks for reading this post, and I hope my observations are not unique. Happy and safe flying! 😁

From a human to human level, you and me, we all by nature are curious about the unknown. Thus it’s simply a part of life to speculate. And I personally will say that, I don’t see speculation, guessing and this curious energy as a taboo or something along the lines which it may seem like it is seen as in IFC regarding what the OP is discussing in the main post. The point he brought up is valid and therefore, from my own perspective, I would say that this speculation and curiosity may seem and is mostly harmless from the surface but the issue that does arise with speculative posts is this false hope, belief and trust into words, opinions and false information which is mainly and only someone else’s thoughts and dreams.

It’s no one’s intention to purposely spread falsehood but that’s what comes out of the never ending circle of speculation. Much like anything else in this world, curiosity is contagious too. I start saying something and you catch on and from there it can either go all wrong or we could try to end the conversation and wait for the product to release in final form.

Now as I stated at the top, it’s not wrong to speculation, a little bit is something we humans do by nature, we really want to know what that unknown is but as we continue and dig deeper it can and often unfortunately does go very wrong, in the sense that we put high hopes for ourself and false belief in others that something bigger and better than what is actual is going to happen.

And lastly, this is connected to the above part but a bit separated too. That is that, we have a massive community with people of all ages and everyone you could think of, and beyond. What usually does happen is that we human over analyze things and see the slightest hint towards a sin/taboo, in this case speculation as something deemed to be flagged mainly because we are told to do so rather start a debate that ugly enough as seen before turns into a immature argument. I can’t speak for others, but from my knowledge and experience, I can tell that at some point when a post we read crosses our mind as something that could be connected to speculation in form, way or shape, that’s when the individual feels right to flag so that the post can be removed. As we have seen many times the minor harmless speculation do tend to be the start of something that also clogs up the thread with posts that doesn’t necessarily bring any new actual factual information to the table.

In conclusion, speculation is not bad, if you can maintain the level of it and how you speculate. Let’s say I talk about how awesome it would be to have all variants of engine sound for all 777, not only the GE90, and then that sparks a discussion, and surely nothing bad. And keep it at that level and not straying off the line and I think we are good, and also don’t drag out the conversation either since the topic is meant for information purposes not to discuss about side options. But many times these speculations lead to a whole lot more and that’s where I think many on the forum has taught themselves that, “Hey I gotta step in, let me flag as that’s all I co do”, and from there opinions and thoughts about how the posts of a topic should be regulated divides. Then there is that, many gets called minimod and other stuff which is another dilemma.

In all honesty, flag what you feel is wrong but do your judgement based on not only what you feel but if it is worth flagging at all? I personally flag one post per months or less, if I really feel this doesn’t belong here. Often times I jump over hundreds of posts that are flagg-able because it’s better to let go of other opinions and matters, even if they are wrong, because it doesn’t hurt to let people voice themselves, does it?


I agree with you. While we do need some monitoring I think that flagging a post just because it is slightly speculative or an opinion is wrong.

Opinions are opinions and everyone is entitled to them. Doesn’t mean anything will happen anyways. We are just all too excited for 20.1 😊.

this issue also semi-relates to here, where we see certain users jumping straight to mini-modding and abusing flags.


I totally, 100%, fully agree with this. Sometimes it feels like if someone doesn’t agree with you in the slightest bit, they go to flagging. One time I had a post from last year flagged, because I stated my modest opinion. While I agree that flags are very useful tools, sometimes they get abused because someone has a different opinion. I have noticed this so much recently in the #features category, where if someone says “This isn’t my favorite plane” (just an example), then they get flagged for having a different opinion, it’s ridiculous!

With that being said, most of us are guilty of flagging someone for having an opinion, but that doesn’t make someone bad. Also, we’re all cooped up in our homes with nothing to do but share our opinion and speculate about 20.1, so we’re all a little crabby these days. Is easier to go strait to a flag if you’re frustrated, which we all are sometimes.

But once again, I do agree, people shouldn’t be flagged down for having opinions. Although it’s perfectly fine to disagree, flagging for opinions isn’t good. And while mini-modding is good in some cases, it’s not good in others. But everyone has different opinions, and that’s what’s great about the IFC, let’s try to get back to the point where sharing an opinion has more of a positive response.



You did a beautiful job of pointing out speculating versus telling the IFC that something is 100% coming with the new update.

Opinions? They’re great
People spreading false information about updates? Horrible

Let’s learn and recognize the differences guys!


The point of the feature request is to vote for it or support it. Not to explain why you aren’t voting for it negatively, or why it is bad. If you don’t like it, don’t vote, and leave it at that. If you like it, feel free to make a post on the topic for support. Again, it isn’t about putting people’s requests down. Say they were explaining why they like it but can’t vote, that shouldn’t be flagged, even though it commonly is.

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