Commemorative Video for the Devs! | LAX Sunrise Departure | 20.2 Open Beta

Today I launched up the Beta and was blown away as for how much work the devs put into it! Everyday I see YouTube videos about how IF devs should of reworked the A380 etc. but rarely do I see a thank you to them for making Infinite Flight so much more of a better place each update!

I decided to make a “Thank You” video for them, The video it’s self is just a departure, but it was all made possible by the development team.

(unfortunately I couldn’t add a “thank you devs” slide at the end because of my editor 😒)

Background: my video is a departure from LAX in a Crystal 77L, the route was to nowhere and the flying time about 20mins.

It really took me back to pre-Covid when I was flying.

hope you enjoy it! (Warning: I’m not a good editor)

Thank you Dev Team!


I agree, and OMG that is sooooo pretty!

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I agree, the new fog is amazing!