Commemorative Air Force B-17

Today was a beautiful day in Houston, so as I was playing some (poor) golf, the Commemorative (formerly Confederate) Air Force B-17 was flying around overhead.


wow!!! so cool, only 13 left in flying condition in the world, seen 8 of them!!! love the bomber, and world war II is a strong part for me!! so cool you got to see one!! :)

that dragonfly! lol

The other plane in the 4th pic looks really cool! What is it?


A dragonfly

Is this one (out of 3) I saw at KMYR the same thing? Sorry about quality…

I’ve seen one of the B-17s. It was doing tour flights at KFRG. It would cost $500 for an hour long flight up in it.

The sound it makes though…I had to tip my hat as the engines roared 200 feet above me.

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