Commemorating 9/11 in the Sky (Flightplan)

Hey Guys! If you may or may have not noticed, community members @DeerCrusher and @Balloonchaser are currently flying on a unique Flight plan to show respect to those who unfortunately died in one of aviation’s worst Air disaster, the 9/11 Twin Tower Attack in New York. I found it would be a great idea if I would leave the waypoints for the flight plan here!

FPL: KBWI 3932N/7617W 3929N/7541W 4052N/7416W 4111N/7405W 4135N/7404W
4151N/7411W 4203N/7423W 4214N/7440W
4220N/7459W 4222N/7514W 4158N/7515W
4155N/7459W 4148N/7446W 4139N/7438W
4130N/7434W 4118N/7434W 4110N/7437W
4100N/7447W 4053N/7458W 4050N/7513W
4050N/7529W 4055N/7542W 4101N/7553W
4112N/7602W 4124N/7605W 4135N/7603W
4144N/7556W 4151N/7547W 4156N/7535W
4158N/7516W 4222N/7514W 4221N/7529W
4217N/7547W 4211N/7603W 4200N/7619W
4152N/7626W 4141N/7632W 4130N/7635W
4112N/7634W 4056N/7626W 4048N/7619W
4049N/7609W 4035N/7559W 4031N/7548W
4028N/7538W 4026N/7527W 4026N/7521W
3932N/7617W 3925N/7423W 3948N/7420W
3949N/7450W 3927N/7453W 3922N/7322W
4214N/7304W 4214N/7317W 4238N/7316W
4238N/7317W 4214N/7320W 4216N/7334W
3923N/7352W 3917N/7220W 4210N/7203W
4211N/7233W 3920N/7251W 3926N/7446W
3932N/7617W KBWI

Here’s how the Flightplan looks like:

I would recommend using smaller aircrafts like the CRJ but it’s up to you as to what aircraft you prefer! Happy Flying Captains!


Wish I could fly this route! But I have homework…😩


You can always try it out when you are free :)

I believe that IF community are not allowing 9/11 post as they do not want to deviate from present aviation topics.

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Oh Alright! Thanks for letting me know about this. I will leave this up to the moderators and they will take further action if necessary

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Yeah, we’re asking folks to refrain from posting 9/11 related events or material related to the horrible events that occurred 17 years ago. Feel free to use the flight plan that I created and that Anshul posted above. Its the same thing. I’ll be sharing the flightpath that I left behind on my IG tomorrow.

Whatever you guys create, do so out of respect. Its a somber day in which we will reflect upon the lives that were lost and the heros who did a job that most of us would not dare to do.

But with that said, its time for me to get some sleep. Its 2am right now. 😬

#NeverForget 🇺🇸