Commands.FlightPlan.AddWaypoints syntax

I’m trying to play around with flight plan editing and I’m trying to use the Commands.FlightPlan.AddWaypoints but I’m not sure I’m using the right syntax. (FAMET is a waypoint/fix on the map near SF airport)

            "Command": "FlightPlan.AddWaypoints",
            "Parameters": [ {"Name": "WPT", "Value": "FAMET"} ]

Any idea ? 

I'm compiling a doc for API commands so I'll put the good syntax into it 

@AR_AR are you the author of this ?

If yes, you might be able to help me ! 

Thanks :)

Off the top of my head, I believe you provide a json array of waypoints. But I will double check for you a bit later.

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If you use the framework provided in the IFCTest app written by Laura, you provide a call (Commands.FlightPlan.AddWaypoints) and a parameter array of waypoints.

The actual string sent to the API server is a json string, such as the following where I am adding 3 waypoints:



Ohhh right ! My syntax was good then, for no reason I was just omitting the “Commands” word
It’s working now, thanks !
Unfortunately I have no windows computer to test your FMS, and I’m playing around, trying to create one.
Did you try to mimic a real one (Boeing or Airbus or ?) or did you imagine one from scratch ?

Thanks a lot @AR_AR !


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It is just LNAV/VNAV and flight plan interface.

If you are on a Mac, @carmalonso was going to convert it, but don’t think he ever got around to it.

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I really should get around to that one day before Nav in IF makes it obsolete…

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I think even if IF implement NAV it would be cool to develop our own tools for it, to mimic real systems for example