Command that asks accept immediate departure (takeoff)

I personally feel that if controller tells me cleared for immediate take-off it would be rushing. Anyway, I think it would be better that controllers can ask pilots to ready for immediate departure or not to avioid crash between inbounding or landing aircrafts.


There’s an immediate takeoff option for the ATC.

When holding short you should be ready to take off.
Just look at the checklists.

Hi buddy,

The immediate takeoff instruction is for an aircraft to expedite the takeoff because of some other incoming traffic. It’s only for ATC

It’s an instruction that shouldn’t requested. I mean it could work but it’s not necessary.

I’m always ready for take off at the hold short line. Isn’t he asking for an “immediate takeoff” option?

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Well if you are ready when holding short, like you’re supposed to be, what’s the problem with being cleared for immediate take off?

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No problem with that, but the original poster was asking for an immediate takeoff option on the ATC panel.

Nope! Read the post again.
He’s talking about being asked if he is ready for immediate take off or not. :)
But he should be ready at that point.

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I need to read better other people posts :/

Yeah, we need to be ready at there, but you know in real life we do ask are they accept immediate take-off or not. Just in case they can’t even they told ready for take-off. Or we can clerfy which plane does accept immediate take-off before they say ready for departure.

TMHO “holding short” does not imply, that you’re ready for an immediate takeoff. In this case, if ATC requests an immediate takeoff, answer just with “unable”, and both parties are happy.

Well, I think it’s pretty clear. When holding short you should be ready. So an immediate take off wouldn’t be a problem.

The ‘cleared for immediate take off’ instructions are also given before you reach the hold short line. In that cast you’re not supposed to stop but continue rolling onto the runway and proceed with the take off immediately. So no stopping anywhere.

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Yeah, that will work,but we don’t have choice to send “unable” now and we can just say standby which doesn’t make much sense

oh - I didn’t know, that “unable” at this moment is not available :/ Might be, that’s the reason, I never heard it in such cases ;)

Well, but you know some aircrafts doesn’t depart immidiatedly as normal take off procedure. I supporse that they don’t know what immediate take-off is or simply just doesn’t wanna perform. So by asking ready for immediate departure or not could be avoid this situation. Honesty, we can just have normal voice ATC rather than automated message basically. :(

When you follow the checklists, you’re completely ready. While taxiing the aircraft should be configured for take off. The only thing you need to do is activate landing and strobe lights and off you go!

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Oh, you’re lucky pilot!

In that case the pilot is ill prepared and should do a better job.


Yeah, that right,but it happens almost every traffic on busy region especially KNUC or KLAX. And as a result ATC controller have to instruct go around for landing aircrafts. Circumstances are endless from one little action

Well if it happens on Advanced, report the pilots for not following ATC instructions.
When you notice pilots having problems with it earlier, just let them wait until there’s room.
Another option it to notify @Mark_Denton since he is Pilot Community Manager, and let him know which pilots are disrupting the sequence.

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