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I use an iPhone X iOS 12.1. I currently have no modifications or third-party applications which inflict with Infinite Flight. I restarted and reinstalled the app without a solution to the problem being found.


Could you try to restart your device or restart the app? Maybe that will do the trick.


I tried that 3 times but it unfortunately didn’t work. I also exited out of all applications on my phone but it doesn’t seem to work either but thanks.


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How about deleting the app and reinstalling it. Did you try that?


Thanks for that!


Yes I have reinstalled it. It’s a weird ongoing issue.


Does low power mode inflict with Infinite Flight?


No, Low power mode just reduces frame rate to save battery!


Actually after 2 reinstallments it worked thanks!


So what was the original issue? Just curious


The app wouldn’t give me the option to unlock most of my commands such as pushback, brakes, engines, etc.


Sorry for the late response

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