Comma Error in Free Flight Server Description

There is a common mistake involving a comma under the description of the Free Flight server.

The last paragraph of the Free Flight server reads, “This server has no restrictions, but also no ATC, just Unicom”

There should not be a comma between, “restrictions” and “but” because “This server has no restrictions” is an independent clause. Meaning that it is a sentence on its own. However, “Also no ATC, just Unicom.” Is a dependent clause because it is not a stand alone sentence.

These sentences can be combined with no conjunction and with a semicolon, but that wouldn’t fit here well. There are some more complicated ways of doing it that also would work well here.
These sentences can also be conbined with a conjunction without a comma since the independent clause comes first. The following is correct:
‘This server has no restrictions but also no ATC, just Unicom’

Here is a picture of the error.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Click the “Live” tab on the center left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Live Status” button on the right of the time option
  4. Click on the “Free Flight Server 1,” the description will be on the right.

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IOS 9.2


Just remove the comma

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I’m speechless

Yup, I have no idea how they could’ve done this either.

Grammar lessons with Carson ! ;)


Everybody needs a @Carson :)


Seriously? I’ve seen some ridiculous stuff but this is too far.

Keeping it professional Boeing. The comma is incorrect and if you want Infinite Flight to be as professional possible there is no reason there should be comma errors.


It’s a bifurcated conjunction with dual clause intonation inferred by the comma under its secondary definition!