Comm Issue between ATC & Pilot

Device: Iphone 11
Version: 20.2

Here you can see Lan Chile 911 in GREY holding short of runway 17. They were most likely tuned to Tower but on my end no.
I waited for almost two minutes for them to turn blue so I could have expedited them to depart because I did not want them to sit there and block other traffic from departing. Atlast I onguarded them

Here you can see Lan Chile 911 turn white onces I click on them through Ground Frequency to figure out why they are not tuning into tower.

Eventually they appear blue on tower frequency and when I click on them; I see they have been requesting departure for a whole minute.

This happens every time I control and I end up ignoring pilots requests because I did not get a yellow alert or they were Grey on my current frequency

What is the solution?

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This usually indicates a communication issue with you or the other pilot. The other scenario is just something these things happen.

Just ensure you have a strong connection and kill background running apps before you control.

I have a strong connection and I don’t run any background apps.

So its likely a connection issue on his/her end.

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