Coming near appr

so i’m 15 minutes away for descending into new york i select nav 1 and then appr if i see the arrow is pointing up or the green dot is in the middle and at less than a 30 degree angle ?

The arrow for APPR guidance is very inaccurate if your still 30 minutes out. Remember, only activate APPR when your close to the end of the runway cone around the glideslope path.

The arrow and dot you’re seeing is also not relating to the 30 degree intercept rather the glidesliope and how low / high you are with the ILS.

View this video for help :)


I’ll take it that you’re 15 minutes from your top of descent and you’ve selected APPR on your autopilot setting.

Your arrow that points up or down will be dependent on the position of your aircraft in relation to the glideslope of your selected runway. This will always be dependent on your situation so I cannot give you a definitive answer on that.

As for your 30 degree angle, I’m not too sure about what you’re referring to. If you could give us more detail on that it would be greatly appreciated.

Not to mention that you should check out how to use the APPR feature since I frequently see people who aren’t using it correctly.

this is the approach so shall i enable nav 1 and appr at 3,000

That may be a bit sharp of a turn for the autopilot to make.

shall i manual land it then?

i’m cruising at mach 0.76 just started coming down what mach shall i go too

You could. A manual turn would work, too. Alternatively, you could switch your approach.

You can have GPS on now if you’d like, it’ll follow your Flight plan down to the airport. Once your around 1.5nm from RIVRA, manually turn your aircraft’s autopilot left to a 30 degree intercept being 250 (hence runway being 220)

Then turn on APPR which will automatically switch to NAV1 from GPS mode, you should also be at 3000ft.

i’m not gonna manual turn i don’t trust myself

Once you’re under the glideslope (the arrow next to your altitude) is pointing up and you’re facing in the general direction of the runway within reasonable deviation from the ILS cone the APPR feature should do the rest of the job. At least that’s what I’ve personally come across after using it frequently enough.

This point isn’t going to be at cruise altitude. You shouldn’t be too far out from the runway before you start using it. You’ll need to descend, be it manually or with the aid of VNAV and by the time you get close enough you’ll be able to use the APPR feature.

Manual turn as disarm LNAV and change the HDG (Heading) to 250. Not turn by tilting your device.

if i press nav 1 and appr ?

Hmm didn’t we explain it in your last thread?
I’m not criticising you, I get that you’re confused but you asked these exact same questions and we answered them

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i still done get it

Ok thats fine

don’t get it lol

Ok so let me rephrase what I said:

You shouldn’t need to turn on NAV1, just go to the runway you’d like to land on and press NAV1 before flight.

Turning on APPR mode will automatically switch your source to NAV1

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