Coming Home @ KSLC

On my way home from KLSC, @ChiefChipMan and I decided to spend an hour atop the parking garage in KSLC, and to our nice surprise, we were able to get some nice pictures. The lighting and heat haze were both not in our favor, but surprisingly the shots were still pretty amazing.

Camera: Nikon D3400
Lense: 75-300mm
Editing Software: Lightroom

#1: JetBlue 320

#2: American A319

#3: American 737-800

#4: American 737-800

#5: Delta 737-800

#6: Delta A321 “Thank You” livery

#7: Delta A319

#8: Frontier A320

#9: Frontier A320

#10 American E175

Which was your favorite?

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Really fantastic pictures and also a really stunning scenery! Very well done, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for your kind words!

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@snoman it’s #6!

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This is a REALLY technical thing but it bugs me nonetheless, Nikon doesn’t make a 75-300 unless you have the 1989 one lol

Nice shots tho. I like what you did with the backdrops


Hmmm, it might be the 1989 one, but @ChiefChipMan probably knows.

Well that’s a full frame lens and I don’t think the quality on that would be as high as what you see here, probably the new AF-P 70-300

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Sounds more like it. Come to think of it, it is 10-15 years old, so it can’t be that one anyways. I’ll definitely update that.

Really nice pics, you got a great selection!

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KSLC 100

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#7 is my favorite! I was in Salt Lake City today

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I was there for the skiing! The pictures were a nice bonus!

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Nice pictures! You caught some great aircraft (Delta “Thank you” livery)! Thankfully the Earthquake wasn’t too bad… hope everyone there is recovering.

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Oh, this was back in Febuary…

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oh. well, still hope everyone is recovering fine!

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I do too! I haven’t heard of any deaths thankfully.

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Luckily you aren’t here now, all the resorts closed (due to COVID) last weekend.

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I heard! It’s the same here too!

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