Coming from New York to Canada (Toronto) to see sponge on the run

This movie released today on Canada around August 14th but unfortunately for us we had to wait until 2021 WWWHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY so I use the F22 because speedy boi


0:16 (I am Speed)
Casual )

Ello A380!

Annoying the TBM

Yay I’m out

Mach 2 Leaving New York State

hEllo Toronto (not CYTZ)

Yay I’m in approach ( I actually cut in front of 2 Planes)

Here I am slamming into the ground

L A N D !

Eventually I landed but I go off a cliff and I eject you go see the spongebob movie yay



Another satire post I like to make since my last one bombed and I though I would do it again since because it’s 2020 and Twitter about the release

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U pulled an Air France flight 358

Yikes almost forgot about the crash until now and I kinda missed Air France’s a340s

Nice photos!

Now I wanna see Sponge On The Run, I was really exited to see it.

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Dab, it’s out for us today. Now to figure out how to watch it

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Great pics! I always look forward to your pictures, amazing editing.

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