Coming from Germany to Dakar (with little context)

AND HERE we have a 747-8 coming from hamburg to check out the African region (can’t find anymore context)

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Route: EDDH - GOBD

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8I

Livery: Lufthansa 2018

3) Photos

Finally took off from Hamburg (lol)

Leaving Germany

A short hop to and from the Mediterranean Sea

Late good morning to the African region

Entering Dakar

Ladies and gentlemEn prepare for landing Pwease

Welcome everyone to Dakar +a bad landing since I had to land this machine at 12:51am


Nice photos you got there! On the 5th photo, the lighting and glare on the tail looks so cool, it’s the perfect shade of blue on the tail.

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Couldn’t agree more! Great job!

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Nice photos. The first few are too black to see anything :( Great Job!!

basically i thought the moon would do the work