Coming back to the IF community

Hi guys, its been a year since my iPad broke and I stopped playing IF, but now its time to come back to this amazing community. I am planning to buy Pro this June again when I get a new iPad.

Also, is there anything new added beside airport models and new liveries? (also, how to change my username lol)


Welcome back!

You can DM @moderators to change your username - but choose wisely, as you can only change it once!

Take a look here.

Essentially we’ve had:

Reworked 777 Family
Reworked 757-200
Loads of liveries
Community Account Integration

Loads of other cool little things I can’t be bothered to list rn….🤣


Sheesh, this is nice

Also the Devs are working on an a330-300 rework

Plenty! Here’s what I can think of

  • B777-200ER, B777-200LR, B777-300ER, and B777-F, B757-200 all reworked
  • Instrument procedures (SIDs, STARs, and instrument approaches) integrated
  • Taxiway diagrams
  • A single layer of user controlled cirrus clouds
  • A few new ATC approach speed commands (e.g. maintain 160kts until 4DME)
  • Center frequencies
  • IFC Account and IF integration
  • Minor improvements to texture quality on older aircraft models
  • VNAV (descent only)
  • B737 family cockpit reworked
  • Airspace reworks to be more realistic
  • Oceanic tracks
  • An altered violations system
  • Think that’s it

Enjoy! And welcome back


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