Coming back to IFATC

Hello everyone!

So after a long break due to work finally I think I will have the time to return to IF. I used to be part of the IFATC group and I would love to join it one more time. Since it’s been already almost a year how do I join the group again? Do I have to apply as a new member or maybe just do the practice exam again or how does that work?

I’m really excited to join again but I haven’t been able to find much information about it.

Thanks for everything!


Hey there! Welcome back and glad to see you have an interest in coming back to IFATC again. The answer to your question is, yes you will need to go through the recruitment process again. Here is a useful link on how to do that! Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Seeya soon and take care!

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Thanks, I appreciate the fast answer!

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Not a problem! Hope this helps!

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