Coming back IF

I’m coming back to IF now and wondering what aircraft and airport I should get for $25. I decided to get 2 airports and 3 aircraft. The 3 aircrafts I’m getting are the 77W (777-300ER), 737-800 and either the 757-200 or the A330-300. Which one should I get? My 2 airport I’m getting is London and a undecided airport. Which airport should I get? Thank you for responding and I’m glad to be back in IF community.

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Welcome back!
You are on the right way with the B777 and B737. For the third aircraft I can recommend more the A330. London is a great region. For the second region I can recommend Hawaii, because of it’s huge landscape.

If you’re are really unsure check the Aircraft reviews of @Rotate out! Good ones!


I recommend the Boeing 757-200. The London airport is a good choice, I suggest you to buy to buy Denver airport, because it has a really long runways as a international airport.

The power of the engines in Infinite flight are so good that the most of the normal runways are “too long”. Longer Runways in Denver aren’t maybe useful if you don’t need them…?

Sometimes it is fun to play around, do not forget that it is still a game.

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Of course :)

Get live + for $50 and then you get every map and plane for 12 months


I would recommend the B757-200.
I am an Airbus Fan but unfortunately, in infinite flight, Airbus’ are not very well designed. The aerodynamics of flight are not very accurate. Boeing is better simulated in IF

For example, in cruise, you will notice that your A330’s nose will tend to pitch-down.


The A321 sometimes glitches and the nose wheel goes into the ground and the session crashes.

I recommend you wait a bit.

Unfortunately the B752 has the same pitch attitude…

@Edvards_Ozols You have to land smoother.

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Oh! :( I don’t have the B757 but I have flown the A330…

Maybe you should wait for the A320 and buy it. Or you could simply pay 50€ to buy Live+ and get all the planes and all the regions!

77W is a must

And buy 1 month live

757-200. Real easy and fun sized aircraft. Flies like popcorn and can get you in and out of many airports in a breeze. Good beginner to intermediate aircraft. I love flying 757-200s in live.

737-800 is a bit ungainly while flying but it is one of the essential aircrafts to own.

A330-300 looks ugly IMO but it is still a great aircraft to fly. Beware of its old flight physics unfortunately. I’d fly it much more often if it was fixed.

I waited on buying the 777-300ER a long time. Very powerful and large aircraft. Easy enough to fly.

Yes, only a year!!!