Coming back at infinite flight after 5 month.

Hello pilots and ATC Crew , I was wondering maybe a big change on the infnite aircrafts… at my first look I don’t see new updates… I might be wrong but other than the world satellite view there’s no updates on the aircrafts or nothing, still the same aircrafts. No added aircrafts… Anyways if guys know about a major change id appreciate the information! Thank you


If you were inactive for 5 months like you say, we have actually received many new additions.
The XCub, live cockpit for the A320 family, HD scenery for South America, and countless new additions to the ATC section


Well that’s not bad especially the ATC has been getting better but , I heard like infinite flight added a new airliner on the family of Airbus… that got me excited but I see nothing there… thought maybe I need to update my app or something… Anyways thank you for your information.

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Not yet, the Airbus A350 is currently still in development and is coming late this year/early next.

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So far the following things have been added in the last 5 months:

  • XCub (With Live cockpit)
  • A320 (Live Cockpit)
  • South America, Southeast Asia new scenery
  • New ATC features such as; progressive taxi

Currently in development:

  • A350-900
  • B777 family Rework
  • TBM Live Cockpit
  • Cessna C172 Rework
  • Clouds

Make sure to follow the development timeline for new updates regarding features!


Just pointing out, these things are the things that we know about. There could well be features that the devs are keeping secrets.

Also CLOUDS are in development

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My bad, thanks for reminding me

And not to forget! The global maps are currently being rebuild. 😏

Go check the blog page where the developers post updates/news about the developments in Infinite Flight. It has some interesting information!

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The devs have also announced a GA aircraft coming soon. As of now, the aircraft remains a mystery.

When was this confirmed?

It is currently in the works. Laura has confirmed it.

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I get your point and I know IF takes a lot of time to release remarkable updates. But when they do it, it is with a lot of quality and professionalism. With that being said, good things take time 💪🏻

Will we ever get rain and taxi lights

Where did you get that from? I’ve never heard of it. I believe the mystery aircraft turned out to be the 172 rework, correct?

It was two or three months back, when Jason and Laura went on some radio interview. They said “new aircraft”, not “aircraft rework”.

While I agree with you, I think that the mystery aircraft was the C172.

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Right, I believe that was debunked and turned out to be the 172.

Guess we’ll see.

I don’t know about 5 months, you joined the community less than 3 months ago.

He could’ve been using IF before creating an IFC account