Coming back about my event


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I’m back, the three weeks has already passed, like I said about where does the time go, and I’ve showed up with some news that I need anybody who comes to this to read, because I don’t need anybody to report me

There is a first part to this event that only includes me that is totally pointless but it’s still happening. I’m going to pretend I’m flying from KLAX-New York Region on ATC playground, but I’m going to quit before I leave the SoCal region. This is going to happen Saturday at about 14:35Z. Please keep this in mind if you are flying in SoCal at this time.


I have no idea what the point of this post is?


I also dont know the purpose of this topic


My event is the topic. Well, this is to advertise my event post which you can search for here. I don’t want anybody thinking I’m breaking the rules. I want to make sure everybody who reads this can be aware that I won’t be traveling past the border.


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  1. Why do you schedule events so far in the past. It’s so much simpler to scgedule then a couple days in advance.

  2. If you want people to know what you’re talking about then revive the old thread instead of making a new one



Let’s not clog up the events category. One thread per event, please. This makes it easier for both you and your participants to keep a track of this.


Sorry. I’ll do it a week in advance from now on. I just feel if I do it in advance I don’t forget it in the future, because these days I have a lot to do and little time.


I can’t do the advanced ATC server because of some of my horrible ATC contacting skills.


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@hubandspoke1, you could try switching to each ATC as the event moves on from airport to airport. By the way, anybody participating needs to fly an A340-600 with a South African livery. This is our escorting mascot.


I’ll post updates on Thursday and Friday on my event page.