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Making an assumption for this thread, this is focused on Europe due to the amount of air travel in Europe being really high.

When you think of flying you think of flying with great airlines, 5 star SKYTRAX rating, etc. But when it comes to purchasing the ticket, the cost is a bit too high. Well, if you are only going on a short hop less than two hours then you can take a cheap airline. Might not be the best but atleast it will take you there for a cheap price! So, which one would you choose?

Today I am taking a look at the London to Frankfurt route which is one of the busiest routes in the whole of Europe.


When you think of Comfort some people think of British Airways, Air Berlin and Lufthansa. For some it could be Ryanair! Today we focus on Lufthansa under the Comfort Category. I would pick Lufthansa as my carrier around Europe because they are reliable and they are usually upgrade giving. Okay let’s jump in. FRA - KRK is a route that I travelled on recently. Empty flight, the crew were surprised at the small amount of people on the flight. Most of the seats were empty and some were given a VERY HIGH discount for business class (sadly spent all my euros so could not upgrade) while others took the empty 3 seats for themselves for the whole flight. Really liked the flight but the return… darn. Packed flight, fully packed. I know but this is not Lufthansa’s fault but the GPU shutdown twice during boarding and people got creeped out. To be honest it was a good flight, anyways the tickets compared to airlines like Ryanair are just disgusting. $140 USD return from London to Frankfurt. Expensive but I do understand that seats are comfortable and maybe you hold a Star Alliance card or a lounge pass.


Oh Gosh… first things that comes to your mind about cheap flights would be Ryanair. London to Frankfurt from just a price of $22 USD. Unbelieveable… but cancellations are common and that’s what I experienced twice on this route before. Also the fact that Ryanair does not fly into the main airport but the secondary at Frankfurt is just a bummer. But you can catch an airport connect bus which is not that pricey. The only thing that you miss out on is an hour or two of your connecting time. Also… go easy on your back before the flight ;)


To be honest, although you do kind of miss out on some time… I would choose Ryanair because the flights are just a bargain. Although if I have an intercontinental connection I would choose Lufthansa.

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Why? That means you have to fly to Germany to fly anywhere, so instead of flying EasyJet London to Seville you’d have to fly LH London to Frankfurt then Frankfurt to Seville

^^^ This is meant about that but whenever I fly around Poland I use Lufthansa for international travel. You can use whatever you want…

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Oh, I thought by travelling around Europe you meant going to different places, not just the route you were talking about here. Now I understand :) Nice topic!


Sorry bud no amount of money is worth risking my life!

yes I’m being sarcastic before you all get mad


Ryanair have never crashed or lost a passenger.

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I was referencing their hard landings all the time ;)


You edited that in (which was a good idea) after I’d posted my post :), otherwise I wouldnt have replied. It’s just people think Ryanair and easyJet are more dangerous when they’re not


Conclusion : You get for what you have paid. Don’t ever think that you will get a 5 Star Service on economy that only costs you less than $50. But in all seriousness, I guess Ryanair isn’t that bad if you look it from the price. It’s worth your money despite their hard landings (with better safety record than some of European carriers frankly)


Prices can get even lower than that, @MishaCamp got a £2 return to Copenhagen from London once I believe. Abosultely ridiculously cheap sometimes

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That’s dirt cheap! I guess you won’t find these kind of offers on Asian airlines =/

Despite the tight legroom and uncomfy seats, but if we look from the price. I would definitely book Ryanair unless I prefer Satisfication > Price

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I just got a £2 return to Aalborg too a few weeks back


That’s not even $3 USD!!! How is that possible?? Not even Spirit goes that cheap!


It’s all common sense I would choose Ryanair as my carrier around Europe for their cheap flights and when I go on long haul flights I can use the money I have to buy business or first class which was not all spent on short haul flights around Europe

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US budget airlines are actually much more expensive than European ones

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The thing that baffles me is how the employees are able to make a living off of that, especially with the costs of operation, fuel, buying planes, airports, etc. Are the fuel prices and operating costs in the UK similar to ours?

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Around Europe for about a 2-4hr flight then Loco’s are fine. Often fly the “big Orange” for business as well as Norwegian and Eurowings. Depends where I am flying. Don’t really do Ryanair, but that is more for routing reasons rather than price.

Longer than 3-4 hrs then have a look at one of the bigger boys for some leg room and a something to eat that I didn’t buy in the airport WH Smiths!

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