Comfort+ In the A330NEO - AMS-SEA Trip Report N405DX

Hello, IFC,


Why do I always start my topics like this…

Let’s try that again

Hey! I’m glad you came with me! Today we will be flying on Delta’s brand new A330-900NEO (N405DX) from AMS to SEA!

That’s better


During the last trip report, I left off when I deplaned the A319.

I walked down the jetbridge, and set foot in the most spotter-friendly airport I have ever seen. There were windows and patios everywhere, and they were CLEAN!


I follow the confusing signs and arrive at my gate, E20. I stare in awe at the amazing bird that is about to take me on an 11-hour trip!

I whip out my camera to take pictures but then brrrrrr

The staff is closing the window blinds in my gate because people were complaining about the sunlight.

That’s ok though :)

I walk to the next gate, and snap a picture which can be seen here.

I then proceed to go as close to the runway as possible while staying in my concourse, and did a few minutes of planespotting.

It was then time to board. I was scanned with a thermometer which proved that I was indeed a very hot person, and the staff took that as an opportunity to pat me down.

After an intense search and rescue of all the possible items in my pockets, they conclude that me, my camera and my 23 lip balm sticks are not a threat and let me board. I walk down to my seat to admire the Comfort+ cabin in the new aircraft when a FA comes towards me and invites me to the cockpit. Apparently they had seen me take pictures of the plane and assumed I wanted to go to the cockpit. They were correct. @Oskapew, @AviationFreak and @Kamryn if that FA had not come up to me, I might not have been able to get the pilot to sign your names!

Handwriting 100, (turbo) props to the pilot

oof that joke fell flat on it’s face

oh well
kinda like me

The pilot gave me a little golden plastic wing pin thing for children and after I took a few pictures of the cockpit, urged me back to my seat because they were going to do some “important things”. I asked if they were going to do a checklist, they looked surprised and admitted that they were indeed going to do that.

If you would like pics of the cockpit, let me know in the comments.

Here was my seat for the 11-hour flight:

The seat looks great, that’s because it is!
It was reclining, extremely comfortable and was brand new!
The features of this seat are:

List of features for you absolute nerds

A huge IFE screen (bigger than my hand)
2 USB sockets
one headphone socket
one universal socket with adapter
one extendable traytable
A very large seatback pocket
A literature pouch
A Recline button
An Adjustable headpad
2 Windows

I cannot express how happy I was (as an aviation photographer) to see how clean the windows were. It was like they were not there! No scratches, wipemarks or sticky stains! Even the little icicles didn’t form during the flight!

As we pushed back, the IFE screens started showing the safety videos, while I explored the darkest corners of my seat. As we got ready to takeoff, I installed my phone to film the takeoff…


To film a takeoff without having to hold the phone, put the phone between the window and the half-closed window shade. This way, it is stuck between both, but you can still access all the buttons :)

… and got my camera in the right angles for wingtip views, which really payed off!

We had an uneventful quiet takeoff, and as we pierced the 865456787654 layers of clouds above AMS, the blue sky met the blue wingtip, while the sea below just waved at it from below…

Ouch that one fell flat too :I

Before long, lunch was served!

To be honest, it’s not the best I’ve had but it was decent
It included:

-Pasta with 3 cheeses and tomatoes, with spinach dressing
-Salted caramel ice cream
-A lonely tomato… #givethistomatosomelove (on IG) :P

  • A plop of foie gras (french for liver fat) that was overly salted but ok
    -Diet coke

Having not eaten all day except for a few croissants, I gulped it all down and expressed my joy by going to the bathroom and staying there for 20 minutes…

…admiring it

It was huge! It had a large sink with warm and cold water, a baby changing tables for gozilla-sized babies, a full sized (foot to head) mirror and a toilet.

You could have a party in ther…

…nevermind I don’t want this to be flagged


I sat back at my seat and watched a nice combination of Ad Astra, the Simpsons and Forrest Gump, using the large, highly responsive screen with huge amounts of content.

After a few hours of movies, I tried to sleep, but excitement took over. I walked around the empty plane, going to every available window seat and taking pictures of the winglets at different angles, then proceeded to head back to my seat for a little bit of photo editing.

Once I was done and felt accomplished, I was able to successfully go back to sleep for 2 hours. When I woke up, the worst thing ever happened.
Well not exactly the worst but…

The FAs had closed all window shades to allow the people inside to sleep, even though there was an amazing sunset outside. I attempted to open my window shade to take a few quick pics, but the FAs came rushing at me to close it.
Oh well…

Unfortunately, the FAs were not as fast when it came to breakfast.

I waited… and waited… it had been 7 hours since my last meal and I was hungry… I waited… and waited… and they gave everyone a cookie… then I waited and another 2 hours later, they came with the breakfast. It was 10AM.
The breakfast was the nastiest yet tastiest thing I had ever eaten.
They called it the…
prepares fingers to type this horrendous name

“Burrizza Chicken BBQ Spicy Jalapeno Hot Roll Pocket”


It was a…

Words can’t even describe it…

So here is a picture

I tried my best to be optimistic but that thing…

that was…


As soon as they announced that they were going to pass these bad boys out on the PA, I was hiding under my seat like
BTW that took 20 minutes to make so please appreciate the time and effort I put into that with my garbage collage skills

Anyways, I tried to eat it and almost died.
I stuck to the chocolate mousse, caramel cream and water.

I then went back to the galley to talk to the FAs (one of them is a really nice, funny guy) and they gave me a blanket and Delta A350 pen to “thank me for talking to them”
Here are some pictures of the fancy winglets

As we started our descent into KSEA, I was able to get a few pictures of the view!

Oooooo condensation :)

The pilot then proceeded to buttern’t (land on the left wheels, then right, then left and right again) but that was ok

After a short taxi, we parked next to another raccoon, and this is where the trip unfortunately comes to an end.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey, and if you read this, you are either an amazing person or don’t have a life (like me).

Thank you!


Very Nice trip report!
hope you had a good time in France

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Yes, I did!

Thank you!

(out of likes)

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It took me 2 hours to write please read it everyone lol

or not

I cant do much about it anyways


Awesome! Happy to have the pilots write my name haha

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It was kinda sad to see the pilot struggle with my phone though XD

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BTW give a special thank you to @AviationFreak for spotting me on FR24!

Please spam his inbox with kind messages


Bring it on

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What is a raccoon lol? Air Canada?
Oh wait that’s a beaver

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No the A330-900NEO

Greta trip report! I wish I could fly long haul again, and maybe during the day 😂 I’ve only done LAX-PPT all in the dark 😑

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yeah all-nighters aren’t fun unless there are the northern lights
thanks for the compliment!


Delta A330-900neo😍
On my list of all time favorite aircraft


Virgin Atlantic had a similar thing but it was like pizza “inspired”. Nothing inspiring about the bland food that gave me a hint to British cooking…

Great report! Ive been wanting to go on the Delta A330NEO for a while now but the only routes are ones I don’t typically fly on or are out of the way to go on and are much more expensive


It really is a true beauty!

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At AMS I saw a bunch of them parked (4), the one I was on and 3 at SEA.
That means 5 Planes not being used, hopefully they fly new routes soon!

(I’m going to guess SEA-ATL)

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Oh yeah, some say aviation will take years to return to post Covid but in all honesty it is quickly getting there in some parts. I think this was good for airlines to instead focus on the good money making routes. This may make planes like the A380 and 747 more popular again instead of doing “long and thin routes”. If Delta decides to bring the NEO to LAX and do some European flights to London I’ll be on board!

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Best trip report I’ve ever read. Period. AMAZING JOB! Words can’t describe how good this is (just like how words can’t describe how bad that hot pocket was.)

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Yeah, I agree. I don’t think the quad jets will ever come back, but I do think the NEO will go to other places than just SEA in the US.

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Awww thank you so much! That comment made the writing all pay off!

Yeah still haven’t recovered from the you know what



thank you, really!