Come to New York ! (Android Users Only) [Closed Permanently]

Are you bored? Or are you waiting for the update on the Google Play? Don’t worry, just come to here in the New York where you can get a scenic approach with no trolls and hussle. Maybe it will be a perfect flight in here while waiting for Global! Come and have fun in Expert Server! 😊

For Android users only 😉

The current server is so dead after Global

Opened Frequencies

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I can’t even join it takes forever. I hope fix comes soon.

i though why does global look so bad and realized it was the old version.



Yeah, we still have to wait a couple of days more ;-;


It’s good to see someone thinking positive about Android Users.


Will their be food their the ios users have us messed up andriod users unite


At least this will cheer up some Android users that IFATC isn’t forgetting them :D

As some of IFATC Controllers are also Android users too

anyone wanna make a flight?

TAPA Tower and Ground are now also opened ;)

on which server are you talking about? i would like to make a flight into ktpa from kmia if ur willing to vector me to tpa

This is for users who use the previous version of the application ;)

i havent updated yet. unless there is confusion? are you on training server?

I am on training server if anyone wants to join, at kmia on training server callsign: lufthansa 429

No, we are in Expert server ;)

Darn. i got a violation a couple of days ago and now im grade to :/ i was grade 4 ugh

Thanks all for coming! I have never thought that there are still many users on the server :)

PS : It’s not over yet

I’ll make sure to open another one tonight, stay tuned!

Oh you Android users have patience I don’t get Global for 2 months…LOL


If some 1 doesnt mind getting on atc for a bit on the knuc training server it would be great:)

TNCM and TAPA are now closed, Good Day!

Stay tuned for other exciting regions! ;)

This thread will be opened until Global comes out in Android

look at how lonely is here. 😞