Come to KMHV, 667knt winds! (It's over :( )

I know that there are tons of posts like this, but please come spawn at KMHV now. The METAR is definitely glitched.

667kt winds

I’m not joking. (Make sure you are on casual.)

Edit: Winds have unfortunately died down.

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i am coming


i am coming from on other airport to see that


Please send a picture, I’m on another flight and I can not see it

i send that in 5 min

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Go, thanks

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Party’s over, the winds have been corrected :(

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i am tuijet 454

Lol, that was insane. VTOL in a 748. Got blown around like a leaf

It’s over at KMHV


Does anyone have a picture?

It’s very strong wind, I have try it, and my plane crashed immediately

I spawn, and my plane crash immediately

Heck, got yeeted into ground
(I was SOFIA 747)

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Idk last time it was 11 knots

wind come down

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xDD That beautiful

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Love the “It’s over :(” part, sad times :(