Come see who is titled “Fastest in the Land”- 222200ZDEC17

This is it, the title is awarded tonight! Come out and cheer on the three remaining races as the race across the United States in hopes of attaining this coveted title!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round, it’s that time you’ve all been waiting for…

THE GREAT RACE is finally here!

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Now let’s get to it!

So how is “THE GREAT RACE” going to work you ask? Good question!

There will be a MAX of 50 participants, competing to be the final 16 to enter a bracket style show down.


Time Trials

We will begin a weekly time trial, pre-determined by myself. Each time trial will consist of a course you MUST follow and an objective(s) you must complete. These objectives may be getting gas, completing a touch-n-go, completing a stop-n-go with opposite direction departure and any other types of challenges I can think of. Each time trial will be tested by myself and a few selected individuals to acquire an estimated time. This estimated times will be averaged, and then a range of + and - of that time will be selected. Those that make it inside that time will move onto the next round. Each round will reduce the number of contestants until we get to our final 16.

Time Trial Completion

Once a time trial is posted, you will have 24 hours to complete it and to post your time. Each Monday I will post an in-depth explanation of the time trial. If you do not post your time within the allotted time you will be disqualified. By posting times close to or the same as another racer doesn’t guarantee your advancement as the qualifying times will be kept secret until after the deadline. Any cheating will not be tolerated and you will be disqualified if you are expected of cheating.

Aircraft Selection

You are allowed to use ANY aircraft within Infinite Flight

Server Selection

You may use ANY server during your time trials. Ghosting and violations will be enforced on applicable servers

The Champion’s Loot…


There will only be one winner and the title of “FASTEST IN THE LAND” is up for grabs. The event winner will also receive one of the following depending on which app store you use (1) $20 iTunes gift card or (1) $20 Google Play gift card.


Time Trial #1 Details

This is the Time Trial #1 details area.
For this time trial you will depart KLAS east to KGCN then south to KPHX and finally back north to KLAS to finish. You will have 24 hours to post your results from 0000Z 6 Nov 2017.

Pick your airplane and server. For best results I would suggest the casual server.

Next: create your FP, you must pass KGCN and KPHX on the OUTSIDE of the FP. See picture.

During your flight, you must stop at either KGCN or KPHX and get gas.

Your time stops when you pass the landing threshold of the runway of your choosing at KLAS.

You DO NOT have to make a full stop.

It is suggested you use a second device with you timer on it, as not providing minutes and seconds may prematurely disqualify you!

You may attempt the time trial as many times as you’d like in an attempt to get the best time!

Good luck racers, only a certain number of racers will move on!


  1. @Alfonso22 w/ 18:54
  2. @Brandon_K w/ 19:05
  3. @Chief305 w/ 19:10
  4. @Panther w/ 19:23
  5. @Kirito_77 w/ 19:23
  6. @Rockydawg_42 w/ 19:28
  7. @Samuel_Szeto w/ 19:38
  8. @Kevin_Potthast w/ 20:12
  9. @oscar_mur w/ 20:17
  10. @UpgradeMe w/ 20:31
  11. @cleipelt w/ 20:31
  12. @Andre_S w/ 20:51
  13. @William_Armstrong w/ 20:53
  14. @SF34 w/ 21:14
  15. @Boodz_G w/ 21:33
  16. @Grady_Herbert w/ 21:37
  17. @Levet w/ 21:50
  18. @r3life w/ 22:24 – ELIMINATED
  19. @Chatta290 w/ 26:30 – ELIMINATED
  20. @Daniel14 - DNF
  21. @USA007 - DNF
  22. @Justin_Chan - DNF
  23. @marshall_Hilfman - DNF
  24. @Blu_Games - DNF
  25. @Aussie_Wombat - DNF
  26. @Kyle.r24 - DNF
  27. @tomthetank - DNF
  28. @justifyletters - DNF
  29. @PiloteerFrankie - DNF
  30. @JoeyTheNarwhal - DNF
Time Trial # 2 Details

Due to some personal affairs I must attend, I am posting TT2 early. There are some changes to this event, please READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY!! If you need help, RE-READ this section.

There will now be a semi-verification process when you finish your race. You WILL upload a screenshot of your logbook as well as send me your personal time. You will not post your time or logbook in this thread!

For time trial two we head to…


In the F-16 Fighting Falcon!

The Mach Loop is famous for fighter type and military aircraft flying low between the valleys at high speeds. The route posted below is what you will follow. You shall attempt to remain within only a few hundred feet AGL at all times.

The Mach Loop

During this time trial you will complete the loop three (3) times, departing and returning to EGOD. Your time will start when you begin takeoff roll and end once youve landed and exited the runway.

The IF way points and route

You will have to manually enter this flight plan. Below is a video link on how to do that.

The routing is as follows:

EGOD 5242N/0350W 5240N/0352W 5338N/0350W 5237N/0346W 5239N/0342W 5242N/0341W 5244N/0344W 5242N/0350W

Inputting Flight Plan for Time Trial Two

If you have any questions, please re-read this post. If you still cannot answer your question feel free to ask in the post! Good Luck! Only 12 racers will continue onto the the next rounds of elimination bracket racing!


#1. @Rockydawg_42 w/ 4:42
#2. @Boodz_G w/ 4:44
#3. @Kirito_77 w/ 5:13
#4. @Brandon_K w/ 5:28
#5. @UpgradeMe w/ 5:33
#6. @Kevin_Potthast w/ 5:35
#7. @Panther w/ 6:31
#8. @Chief305 w/ 6:43
#9. @SF34 w/ 6:49
#10. @Grady_Herbert w/ 7:20

The following DNF and are eliminated

The Final Few

Congratulations, you have made it to your final resting place. It is here, amongst the fastest that IF has to offer that you will falter, you will stumble, you will crash, you will stall, you will fail to become “The Fastest In the Land”. There can only be one what 12 can almost taste.

Welcome to your position.

From this point on, only you can control your destiny.

Gentlemen, welcome to the first round of bracket eliminations. Due to racers being in different parts of the world, each bracket will have 1 week to complete this race. This bracket will end at 2230Z 27 Nov 2017. Any and all disputes must be handled prior to then. If a dispute cannot be resolved between the racers and a judge is not available, both racers will be disqualified.

Below is the route of your first race. It is complicated so please ensure you fully understand the route prior to racing. Any shortcuts, cheating and/or not following the strict guidance of this race will result in immediate disqualification.

AIRCRAFT - F-16 Fighting Falcon
COUNTRY - Mexico

ROUTE - (ensure you fully understand the route and what is expected)

Depart MMUN SOUTH towards MMPY, you will circle MMPY westward making a 360 degree circle finishing inbetween MMPY and MMCZ (green line). You will then begin and EASTWARD circle around MMCZ (red line) again passing between MMCZ and MMPY. After completing that circle you will head south (red line) towards MM49 making another 360 degree turn, WESTWARD around MM49 (2nd green line) and continue WEST/NORTHWEST towards MMCT in which you will make and SOUTHBOUND 180 degree turn back towards MM49 (blue line). You will begin another 360 degree turn around MM49 from the north, making a SOUTHBOUND turn around MM49 (still the blue line) and will finish the following the yellow line between MMPY and MMCZ. The winner is the FIRST person to enter the SMALLEST airspace ring around MMUN.

Racers MUST use F-16. Racers MAY NOT agree between themselves to use different aircraft.
Racers MAY NOT at any time enter the SMALLEST airspace ring around an airport. You must REMAIN outside the smallest airspace ring while maneuvering around airports. Racers that are shown (via screenshot) to be entering these restricted areas will be disqualified from the race and their opponent will proceed to the next round
If you need fuel, you may land at any airport within the defined race area, this is the only time you may enter the restricted airspace.
Winner- first to enter smallest airspace ring around MMUN.

Good luck! If there are ANY questions, make sure you ask before your race is scheduled to start.

Racers that do not make a conscious attempt to schedule a race with their opponent will be disqualified and their opponent will continue on.

Then there were eight

Welcome to the next round in determining who is “The Fastest in the Land”.
Congrats, you’ve so far proved to be some of the fastest flyers within the IF community. Though with great SPEED comes great CONTROL. You will not only have to be fast during this race, but you will also have to prove you can finesse your aircraft through some of the harshest and most extreme terrain!

We are off to Tenzing–Hillary Airport in Chaurikharka, Nepal (VNLK). Here, you will race through the mountain valleys in a dual against death.


  1. You will race along a pre-determined route passing through Markers in the valleys. (see photo for marker location)
  2. You will enter the coordinates given. (The FP route between markers on your FP are not to be followed)
  3. Between Markers you will remain INSIDE the valley and keep your AGL altitude under 2000ft at all times.
  4. If you crash you are disqualified.
  5. If you leave the valley you are disqualified.
  6. The finish line is passing Marker 1 after make three (3) COMPLETE circuits.
  7. Aircraft required - F16
  8. This race must be accomplished by 0001Z 9 December 2017

As always, if there are any disputes, you MUST have a screen shot. If the racers cannot come to an agreement on their own (re-race, rule wasn’t broken, use judge) they will both be disqualified.

Ensure you enter the route correctly. After entering the route, activate each leg so that the FP will adjust properly prior to taking off. Do not forget to reset to the first leg prior to starting the race. If you have a FP problem, please post a screen shot of your routing so I may look at it.

Marker Location

ROUTING (if you do not remember how to input coordinates, please see the video under THE MACH LOOP)

Completed Flight Plan



2741N/8643E 2743N/8642E 2747N/8644E 2748N/8641E 2751N/8643E 2752N/8632E 2749N/8631E 2748N/8637E 2746N/8637E 2745N/8639E 2742N/8640E 2740N/8640E 2739N/8642E 2741N/8643E

(ensure your map looks like the map provided above!!)


Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen… it has all come to this final moment in THE GREAT RACE. Weeks of preparation, determination and downright grueling race events has brought us here… to see who will be titled “FASTEST IN THE LAND” and take home the bounty.

Race Event Recap-
30 hopefuls for the title started this race in Las Vegas. Racing around the Grand Canyon Airport, down south and around Phoenix and back to Las Vegas. Only 17 would have what it would take to make it into the next round.

The second time trial was no breeze in the park either. Only 10 finalist would be fast enough to make it around the Mach Loop!

The first head to head matchup’s were set and quickly four more would taste sweet defeat. In the next round only 3 would make it out alive.

Welcome to the final round @Kevin_Potthast, @UpgradeMe, and @Kirito_77.

Since there are only three remaining contenders, they will all compete against each other in this final race.

This race is simple, who is the fastest. You will go from point A to point B, how you choose to get there is up to you.

You will depart the Pre-Global Training Server hotspot, San Clemente (KNUC) and fly across the United States to Norfolk, Virginia (KNGU).

Since just about all racing is a team sport that involves a pit crew, you may coordinate to have one (1) tanker meet you on your journey. You may also stop at an airport if you need to refuel.

If you crash, you are eliminated. First one to cross the runway 10 threshold wins.

We will decide on a time that allows all three racers to attend. Racers, please post 3 dates and times (use ZULU) that are convenient for you.

Aircraft type to be used- F14, F16, F22


  1. @THE-OP - Final 8
  2. @DeerCrusher - Final 8
  3. @Levet - ELIMINATED
  4. @Daniel14 ELIMINATED
  5. @Panther - ELIMINATED
  6. @Kirito_77 - TT1 19:23
  8. @Alfonso22 - ELIMINATED
  9. @RTG113 - DROPPED OUT
  10. @SF34 - ELIMINATED
  11. @Justin_Chan ELIMINATED
  12. @UpgradeMe - TT1 20:31
  13. @Kevin_Potthast - TT1 20:12
  14. @William_Armstrong - ELIMINATED
  15. @Marshall_Hilfman ELIMINATED
  16. @oscar_mur - ELIMINATED
  17. @Brandon_K - TT1 19:05
  18. @Grady_Herbert - ELIMINATED
  19. @Blu_Games ELIMINATED
  20. @Aussie_Wombat ELIMINATED
  21. @Samuel_Szeto - ELIMINATED
  22. @cleipelt - ELIMINATED
  23. @Chief305 - ELIMINATED
  24. @Rockydawg_42 - TT1 19:28
  25. @Chatta290 - ELIMINATED
  26. @Andre_S - ELIMINATED
  27. @Kyle.r24 ELIMINATED
  28. @tomthetank ELIMINATED
  29. @Qantas737guy - DROPPED OUT
  30. @justifyletters ELIMINATED
  31. @r3life - ELIMINATED
  32. @PiloteerFrankie ELIMINATED
  33. @Boodz_G - TT1 21:33
  34. @JoeyTheNarwhal ELIMINATED

After the first time trial expires, no more sign ups. SIGN UP NOW, SPACE IS LIMITED!

Sponsorships Available

If you are interested in sponsoring a time trial or race event let me know!


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