Come on down to PANC (Casual Server) for some Halloween fun!

PANC is currently experiencing VERY foggy conditions. Only 0.40 KM of visibility! Set your time to “Sunrise” and come on down (on Casual Server). Setting the time to sunrise gives the sky a very ominous dark orange glow. Turn off all the lights on your plane, rely on the map and runway to see where you’re going! Do some pattern work, and set the scene by playing ominous/Halloween music. Just remember to respect other pilots!


I would love to come. Sadly I have loads of homework ;-(

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I’ll be sure to come once school is over and I finish my flight from Los Angeles to Singapore.

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Boo! Did I scare you with my 550 knot FL450 747 flying? Jk Happy Halloween and have fun!


Wow @Ryan_Farell I was frightened! 👻😱


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