Come Get Fuel!

Hello pilots!!! If anyone needs to refuel please come to me. My call sign is Air Force 110. I’ll be taking off shortly from Al Dhafra Air Base. Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome fnf.


I would, but I have never operated or done a midair refueling. Sorry

Well now might be a good time to start…


I’m coming my callsign is IFUAE

Heya buddy, please continue here:


Where on the map are u

I’m on right crooswind for 13R

Ok I see u. Climb to 22,000 ft

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I’m much faster now, just to catch up

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Do u want me to slow down at all one u get closer?

what’s your IAS?

349 knots h

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Where we’re u planning on flying to after re fuel

OTBH that’s where I’m headed

Cool. Happy flying

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Same here. Do u wanna maybe do flights together one of these days

are we done?

Yes. I’m bout to make a 180 left hand turn

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Can I come along?

@Lawin_S and @RitzRegis you may want to take this to a PM.