“Come From Away” Play on Broadway (About 9/11 and Gander Aiport)

I was not entirely sure what topic to put this in but i think this fits. I just saw the play “Come From Away” and it was amazing! I’m no play guru but i decided to see this because it looked interesting. It is about Gander Aiport which is in a small town in newfoundland. The small town of Gander has a population of around 9,000 at the time and 38 planes were diverted to gander during 9/11. These planes were coming from Europe so they were all heavies. These 38 planes added up to a total of 7,000 souls. The play shows how the town of Gander adapts to the double in population and how the citizens of Gamder embrace the “Plane people” and make them feel at home. It’s not only funny but very emotional because it shows how bad things can bring out the good in people and it is just a 10/10 must see for anyone out there!


I’ve heard about this, is it a movie, or a play?

it’s a play

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Ah, well idk if it will come to Pittsburgh, but I’ll definitely try to go see it if it does…

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if you are in the new york area go see it i promise you’ll love it

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Well glad you had a good time. Hopefully I get to see this someday! 😁

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Thanks! I hope you see it too!

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I heard about this story a few years back. It was really interesting to learn how the town came together. Ill post the video if I can find it.

edit: Found it


I saw it a few months ago! Very well done and also very interesting for a aviation enthusiast.

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