Come fly with me! @KLWM - 071700ZJUN19(cancelled )

Server: EXPERT

Airport: KLWM

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Aircraft permitted to participate in the event is Cessna 172/208, SR22 and TBM is also allowed but fuel calculation and and flight plan is at own risk.

Hello and welcome to my first event, In this event we will be flying GA over the Atlantic Ocean. We will begin our flight from Lawrence, Massachusetts (KLWM) and make our way to Wick, Scotland (EGPC) by stopping for fuel and scenery in the northern parts of Canada, Greenland and Iceland. Now scenery is not gonna be mind blowing since no one rarely fly there in IF but still think it could be fun and a bit challenging

This idea comes from watching a YouTube series featuring two guys flying around the world in a Cessna 172R. So credit goes to Funforlouis on YouTube.

If this event is made in a wrongful way please state why and I will fix it or moderators may close the topic

More info will come as planning goes along. I will post flight plan and fuel quantity in this topic.

Please comment you’re chosen aircraft and call sign if interested.


North GA 01 @hugo_wallin
North GA 02 @Elliott
North GA 03 @DeltaA319Fan-TSATC
North GA 04
North GA 05
North GA 06
North GA 07
North GA 08
North GA 09
North GA 10

Flight plan

First leg
KLWM - PSM - ENE - KPSM // 65kg Fuel

Second leg

Third leg


I will attend and take a TBM 930 please!

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I will attend because I have family that live In wick

Nice! Callsign?

I’ll attend and take GA 03 with a Sea Blue TBM930.

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