Come Fly With Me: From the Sea of Marmara to Mombasa - 28FEB20

Celebrating 3 Years in the Infinite Flight Community

In introduction, I would just like to say thank you IFC. I truly believe that I have met some of the coolest and most dynamic people including community members, moderators (past and present) and staff members. I reluctantly joined the community a little over 3 years ago after I had some questions about approaching the north side of Tampa back in the “pre-global” days. If some of you remember, yes your throttle would cut off if you went outside of the region boundary. Sadly, I regret not joining sooner. Many of you will be friends for life!

Let’s discuss the flight now, Staff member @MishaCamp wanted some company and he knows that I’m a mush for the East African coastline and outlying islands. The aircraft of choice was the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900. Per Misha, yes this is an In-Real-Life Route, more details below.


LTFM-HKMO, max fuel since this is approximately a 6+ hour flight, Route- South over The Mediterranean Sea and over the Nile down to the national forests of East Africa. Sadly, Misha could not complete the trip so I felt that it would be an injustice to not get him some good screenshots.


with captions and descriptions

"Golf - Mike India Sierra Hotel, cleared for takeoff Runway 16L"
Misha rolling down the runway as Levet travels down the taxiway

Smooth rotation
Misha rotating out of Istanbul

Positive rate, gear up
Chase view from Runway 16L

Some 739 wing-flex after rotation and postive rate

Lima Echo Victor Echo Tango departing Istanbul
Gear up after rotating and positive rate callout

Town of Armutlu and the Sea of Marmara
During ascent to cruising altitude

Scattered clouds just south of the Nile River
(Note: these are apart of the 15m imagery, no edits were done to these screenshots)

Passengers and crew were in for a treat as we descend just west of Chyulu Hills National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro cradles the sun as it sets which made for an amazing sunset

Marginal crosswind as we get ready for touch down at nightfall

Which screenshot was your favorite?

  • Positive Rate, gear up
  • Town of Armutlu and the Sea of Marmara
  • Scattered Clouds South of the Nile River
  • Mount Kilimanjaro Sunset

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Thanks for reading!


Fantastic shots, @Levet! Congrats on 3 years on the community!


Beautiful shots Chris! Might try that route out some day.


Congrats levet on 3 years on the community! Truly you’re one of the best moderators out there, and I’m Glad that you’re able to be apart of the community!

And great photos! I just love the scattered clouds south of the Nile 👌

Keep it up man!


I saw you flying today. Hope you had a fun flight. Nice pictures Levet.

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Great pictures, congrats on 3 years on the community! 🙌🏽

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Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary @Levet!

I joined the IFC almost two years before you in May 2015. After I took a longer break, I returned in Summer 2017. You were the moderator that closed the second topic I made after my return. @schyllberg closed the first one. Basically all of the first 9 topics I created after my return got closed by you, Seb or Misha. And I still became a moderator. 😜

Chris, it’s a great pleasure to work alongside you here on the IFC. You helped me out a lot over the last months whenever I had a question, I appreciate that and I hope that I’ll be able to repay you with a beer at some point! Cheers! 🍻


Congratulations on 3 years Chris!

You’re devotion to this massive group, really makes a change and adds a little ‘spark’ to this community.

May your time here, not even for the foreseeable future, since you will be one, we will all miss (like anyone else lol).

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There are more than 10 photos😭

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Demoting and Suspending myself. 👋

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Congratulations mate on 3 years!

I’ve nearly been on here a for a year, that day will come on April 1st.

I remember seeing you and Misha at the airport last night and once I woke up I was surprised to see that the 737-900 could even fly that far. Hope you enjoyed the flight.

Also I can’t forget, lovely unedited and unique shots mate.

Between now and the next time,

See you in the skies!

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Congrats on 3 years!

I remember in the days when I was first around here, you were doing your moderator things on threads I was on, (of course). Great to see you moderating now almost a year since then.

And great photos by the way!

For another 3 years of moderating!

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me waiting for someone to call him out for violating the 10 image rule

Just kidding! Thanks for all the amazing moderating, mate. It’s been great seeing you around. Here’s to another 3!

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I took 2-photos out 😁

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Nice photos Levet. Another three years!

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I’m closing the poll tomorrow. Surely we can get more than 18 voters!

🎂 🍒 🥤

Congrats on three years!!! We’re lucky to have you and other great moderators! Love that Mt. Kilimanjaro sunset 😲

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