Come Fly With Me | Cinematic Infinite Flight Film

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Aircraft: Various Types

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Amazing video! I hope you make more!

Do you know who sang that Sinatra cover? The song was beautifully done!

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This is a sensational production! Really great job!!

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This was really well done. Goosebumps in a few areas. I love these kind of videos because I feel they tell a story. Kuddos!


You’re not the only one!

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Thanks Idk the song your talking about

Thanks @Daniel_Steinman @NewsDude and especially @DeerCrusher! ❤️

The song in your video. “Come Fly With Me” was originally sang by Frank Sinatra!

Who ever sang the version in your video did a fantastic job!

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Oh coo!! Good to know

Very cool – the engine view scenery changing with the music was one of many cool and very seamless clips. Great job!

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Thank you!

Amazing video

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thank you!

One of the best IF videos I’ve ever seen!

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Okay, I had Siri identify the song for me this morning.

The cover is by Ruelle, and was released as a part of her 2018 album, Emerge.

You are able to find the whole album on Apple Music as well as Pandora or Spotify.

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Thanks you!

Yeah I know.

Wow…this was really well done! Awesome job!

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Thank you so much!

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Very nice video

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